Unique Formula® Effectively Improves Quality of Life

The Holistic Health Brand Brings a Refreshing Sense of Simplicity and Efficacy to Overwhelmed Consumers

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the information age, consumers aren’t lacking health-related knowledge. Everything from the number of cases of the common cold to the latest groundbreaking research on cancer can be accessed via a quick Google search.

While this over-abundance of health-related information is a good starting point, it can often leave consumers struggling with a case of analysis paralysis. What should they do to address the many concerns that they’re aware of?

That’s where Unique Formula® comes into the picture. The innovative Canadian health brand has specifically been developed to help consumers access a selection of sleek, simple, and comprehensive health solutions all under one roof.

"The uniqueness of our products comes from the fact that we’re able to offer so many high-quality solutions for our customers," explains company CEO Ivy Liou, "I, myself, am a registered nurse with a pharmacology background, and I’ve spent years developing our different product lines with my incredible pharmaceutical R&D team. Together, we’ve used our expertise to synergize the potency of a variety of different natural ingredients. We’ve backed this up with intense levels of scientific research, detailed lab reports, and scrupulous quality assurance."

Liou and her team have used this approach to create the five product lines that make up the Unique Formula® brand. These cover various areas of health and wellness, from stress to immunity, maternity, beauty, men’s health, and more.

No matter what product line is in question, though, the goal for Liou remains the same, "We aim to refresh and upgrade consumers’ choices for health and wellness. It doesn’t matter if this is for prevention, targeting specific medical conditions, or improving overall health. Whatever our customers need to stay healthy, our goal is to give them a simple, comprehensive solution that genuinely improves not just their health, but their quality of life, too."

Together, the Unique Formula® catalog enables consumers to take control of their health and wellness, no matter what their needs may be. The brand functions as a one-stop-shop that can improve overall health and, by extension, ensure that men, women, and children can enhance their quality of life on a daily basis.

About Real House Canada and Unique Formula®: Unique Formula® is a Canadian health brand developed by a pharmaceutical R&D team and its associated pharmaceutical manufacturer. We have developed five product lines of unique formulations: i) Targeted Health Boosters, ii) Beauty Secret®, iii) Men’s Care, iv) Daily Defense, and v) Maternal & Child. Each of these is designed to provide a SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE healthy lifestyle that saves the hassle and confusion of deciding among all the different brands and products currently on the market. Learn more about RHC at realhousecanada.com.

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