Trying to Get in Shape? TrustSupps Says to Start With Optimized Sleep

The American Dietary Supplement Brand’s Product Night Burn Is Designed to Jumpstart the Fitness Process Through Better Sleep

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Health and fitness are common goals. However, many individuals focus on the details involved in fitness programs and exercise routines while skipping right over one of the most important foundational elements of them all: quality sleep. It’s an issue that the team at Trust Supplement has addressed through its novel dietary supplement, Night Burn.

“Night Burn is addressing a very real modern problem,” explains Trust Supplement CEO and fitness professional Anthony Perron, “Many people these days struggle with anxiety and stress. You can blame it on whatever you want. Too many notifications, the 24-hour news cycle, you name it. The problem is that this chronic stress doesn’t go away when you close your eyes. It can mess with your sleep, too.”

Perron, who is a fitness coach and has spent copious amounts of time studying the effects of mental strain on health, isn’t alone in his opinion. The American Psychological Association has confirmed that stress is a major factor that could be interfering with many American adults getting a good night’s rest. 

Annise Wilson, Assistant Professor of Neurology and Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine at Baylor College, has also gone on record explaining the viciously degrading cycle that stress can have on sleep, “High levels of stress impair sleep by prolonging how long it takes to fall asleep and fragmenting sleep. Sleep loss triggers our body’s stress response system, leading to an elevation in stress hormones, namely cortisol, which further disrupts sleep.” Wilson goes on to reference research that connects chronic sleep deprivation to decreased metabolism and endocrine dysfunction.

Trust Supplement’s solution to this ongoing concern is to start the fitness journey by establishing quality sleep. In pursuit of this, the brand created Night Burn, a supplement designed to increase both performance and quality of life.

The high-potency supplement utilizes a skullcap and ashwagandha complex to reduce cortisol in a person’s system. This can help destress the body and promote deeper sleep. GABA and magnesium are also included in the supplement’s formula to aid with neurotransmitter balance, which helps to support mood and emotional well-being. To top it off, L-carnitine, Irvingia Gabonensis, chromium, grains of paradise, and CLA support metabolic activity during sleep, which has the potential to kickstart weight loss (a common aspiration that comes along with other fitness goals).

Taken altogether, the natural, transparent combination of ingredients (Trust Supplements is passionately committed to label transparency) provides users with the ability to jumpstart their fitness and weight loss goals by addressing a core element of long-term health: good sleep. “Good sleep is a quiet-yet-critical tool that too many people ignore as they pursue gym memberships and workout programs,” says Perron, “And yet, the time you spend sleeping can make or break your health goals. If you want to stay fit, make sure you start by investing in good sleep. It’s as simple as that.”

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