Trust Supplement Is a Health Brand Founded on Research and Backed by Biohackers

The Rapidly Growing Canadian Supplement Brand Does Its Homework at Every Step

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The supplement industry is an overwhelming place for consumers. Researchers estimate that it could reach a market valuation of over $70 billion in the next half-decade — a massive number for an industry that revolves around products smaller than a paper clip. This growth comes from the increasing attention given to the need for vitamins and other supplements to support a healthy diet, regular exercise, and overall nutrition. However, the robust size of the vitamin market also reflects the sheer number of options that consumers must sort through as they look for the best items to address their own particular needs.

This concern of wading through endless options (often with significant variations of quality) is what pushed Trust Supplement founder Anthony Perron to launch his own industry-changing label. Perron has spent years in the health and wellness industry, operating as both a fitness coach for bodybuilders and professional athletes and as a gym owner. Throughout his career, he’s spent countless hours studying nutrition, physical education, and fitness, and during that time, he’s concluded that those committed to the honest pursuit of physical health and exercise need a trustworthy source of supplements to support them.

“The goal behind Trust Supplements is to raise the bar,” says the founder and CEO, “With each formula that we’ve created, we’ve sought out the finest ingredients, no matter where they had to come from. We don’t use fillers or artificial sweeteners. Instead, every product is packed with the best ingredients backed by science and provided in clinically-effective doses.”

Perron goes on to add that Trust Supplements isn’t cloaked in secret recipes and proprietary blends. Everything is clearly marked on the label so that customers know precisely what they’re getting. Perron’s team has been careful to lean on third-party scientific research along the way, as well, not just to create their formulas but to test that they really work. Even here, the focus is on honest, up-front business methods. Trust Supplements are tested by fully independent, reputable labs that have been vetted for their ethics and well-validated analytical methods.

From start to finish, every aspect of the Trust Supplement label is infused with the need to provide trustworthy nutritional support to those trying to live a healthy, effective, and optimized lifestyle. This has, in effect, established a fresh, crystal-clear standard of quality and a new level of authenticity in an industry in which consumers have been screaming for clarity and honesty for years.

About Trust Supplement

Trust Supplement was founded by serial entrepreneur Anthony Perron. The CEO has spent years building a reputation as a gym owner and coach for bodybuilders and professional athletes. In the past, Perron used his vast and intimate knowledge in the areas of nutrition, physical education, and fitness to launch a successful Canadian supplement company. This paved the way for the creation of Trust Supplement as a way to bring trustworthy, high-quality, genuinely effective supplements to Americans interested in cultivating their health and overall quality of life. Learn more at

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