TruLife Distribution’s Brian Gould Shares the Biggest Health and Wellness Challenges for 2024

The Veteran Marketing and Distribution Executive Shines a Light on Three Critical Areas Health and Wellness Brands Should Watch This Year

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TruLife Distribution is a marketing and distribution agency that primarily operates in the health and wellness sector. Its founder and current CEO, Brian Gould, brings a wealth of knowledge to his company’s C-suite — expertise that is compounded by every member of the agency’s fast-growing team.

TruLife has continued on an upward trajectory of growth and expansion ever since its launch in 2019. In the half-decade since that time, the company has continued to grow despite the pandemic, a shaky economy, and a variety of other unforeseen events. Heading into 2024, many of these challenges continue to persist while new concerns are on the horizon. Here are three items Gould has on his radar this year:

  1. An uncertain economy: “The health and wellness industry is healthy and looking stronger than ever,” Gould explains, adding the caveat, “However, savvy business owners should never take that for granted. Stubbornly high interest rates could dampen marketing budgets and make it harder than normal to build a brand over the short term.”
  2. Growing competition: “The white noise in this industry is wild,” says Gould. “It gets louder every year. With so many brands constantly entering the space, it’s important to have a clear plan. We are big fans of combining brick-and-mortar retailer sales with targeted digital marketing specifically to help boost brands over the hump. This year, make sure you have a solid plan in place. You’re going to need it!”
  3. Changing technology: “AI is everywhere,” Gould adds, “This is changing the way people search for solutions. You need to adapt your SEO strategies. Marketing content needs to be high-quality and high-value. Don’t follow past formulas. Boldly blaze new trails, or you’ll be left behind.”

“As a business leader, there’s always something to watch out for, but that has never stopped us before,” Gould declares with a smile. He adds that, for the fearless business leader, the year ahead represents opportunities as well as challenges. “The key is preparing for them ahead of time and then remaining agile as you face each disruption.”

Gould has shepherded countless health and wellness brands into the U.S. He’s scaled home-grown American enterprises as well as helped brands half a world away make the leap into the competitive North American market. Throughout his lengthy track record, he can remember few years with so many unknown factors. “Of course,” he concludes, “the unknown is only frightening for the unprepared. If you go into a year like this with both eyes open, you can take advantage of every opportunity that arises — and rest assured, they’ll be there.”

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