TruLife Distribution Is Reinforcing Health and Wellness

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —┬áTruLife Distribution has spent the last few years putting a huge repository of distribution and marketing talent to work in a specific industry: the health and wellness market. This effort has come at a perfect time as Americans, and the world as a whole, have woken up to the importance of staying physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy.

TruLife Distribution founder Brian Gould is no stranger to the personal side of business. The CEO knows how much emotions and personal connections can impact the success or failure of a company. "I come from three generations of manufacturing and retail distribution professionals," Gould explains. He adds that relationships lie at the heart, not just of the sustained retail success of the Gould family, but of the current success of his own company, TruLife Distribution.

"Building a brand first requires building a relationship, many relationships," says Gould, referring to his own vast network of connections in the retail world. This firm grasp of the relational aspect of business has allowed Gould to create a network of e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers that has supercharged the growth of many of Gould’s clients.

The bulk of that growth has come in the health and wellness sector, an industry that is near and dear to Gould’s heart. "There has never been a more important time for companies to offer their health and wellness products to consumers," says Gould, "The events of the last couple of years have shocked the world and brought an intense spotlight on the importance of sustaining the health of the mind, body, and soul."

This isn’t just Gould’s opinion. High-profile medical publications have been spreading the wellness gospel ever since the ongoing pandemic began, as well. John Hopkins recommends basic physical health activities, such as eating well and exercising often, to stay healthy on the homefront. The CDC has official guidelines to help cope with mental struggles, such as stress. Harvard’s School of Public Health has even created recommendations for social well-being in a pandemic state of existence.

Many of these ongoing health concerns can be addressed through a variety of health and wellness precautions. From supplements to better hand sanitizers and everything in between, Gould’s enterprise has spent the last few years ensuring that the American public has access to the highest quality health and wellness tools that the world has to offer.

TruLife Distribution has shepherded countless elite up-and-coming brands (both from international and domestic markets) into the larger public eye. Gould’s growing team has helped with everything from compliance concerns to increasing brand awareness and ensuring product availability. This has resulted in a more robust number of health and wellness options that have become available just in time to enable a more informed public to better care for their health and happiness, even during a pandemic.

About TruLife Distribution: TruLife Distribution was founded in 2019 by Brian Gould. Gould comes from three generations of manufacturing and retail distribution professionals. His self-started company offers a full-service experience that includes sales, marketing, and distribution. Learn more about TruLife Distribution at

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