Trubify Artist Olivia Farabaugh Writes Songs to Inspire, and Heal

LOS ANGELES, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Trubify—the new music-streaming platform—is teaming up with independent artist Olivia Farabaugh on April 29 to host a virtual benefit concert to support individuals with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. CIRS is a progressive, multi-system, multi-symptom illness characterized by exposure to biotoxins such as black mold. After four years of testing, Farabaugh was finally diagnosed with CIRS, and is now putting her talents to work to help others afflicted with this often-debilitating condition.

Like many singer-songwriters, Olivia Farabaugh is a confessional composer and performer who shares the ebb and flow of existence through her own experiences.

Farabaugh—who is also a Trubify featured artist—was a contestant on The Voice, won Best Solo Artist in 2019 and 2020 from the Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame, and was nominated for Best Female Country Artist, Songwriter of the Year, and Song of the Year ("Body Will Break") at the 2021 Central Pennsylvania Music Awards.

While creating and performing music, she’s simultaneously battling CIRS that viciously beats down her spirit and productivity. CIRS symptoms are typified by fatigue, joint pain, headaches, brain fog, blurred vision, and is often misdiagnosed. The cost of finally getting an accurate diagnosis—not to mention the funds to treat and manage the condition —can be insurmountable.

To raise awareness—as well as to help combat and offer support to those afflicted with CIRS, Farabough is creating the Transparent Music Project. This project will drive the CIRS Support Fund with a portion of musical profits, direct donations, and a yearly music festival.

"The support I’m receiving for the Transparent Music Project is truly incredible," says Farabaugh. "I can’t wait for this to be a valuable resource for people in need."

Trubify, in its mission to empower musicians, is thrilled and honored to present artists such as Olivia Farabaugh, who share their talents, their music, and their experiences to inspire us all.

Join the Trubify community on Friday, April 29 to support Farabaugh’s Transparent Music Project.

Trubify will host a free virtual charity event starting at 12pm PST where dozens of independent artists will be performing throughout the day, and all "tip" donations will go towards this wonderful cause. Download the Trubify app, tune in, and help Farabaugh realize her dream of making the Transparent Music Project a reality.

As musicians and music fans, we can all bring relief and hope to those battling CIRS. Make your music count!

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