Top Shelf Nutrition Is Getting People Off the Couch and Into the Gym

The Supplement Brand’s Primary Goal Is to “Inspire Health and Fitness” With Each and Every One of Its Products

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The struggle to maintain a workout schedule is challenging at any time. But when life gets in the way of a fitness routine, it can become exceptionally easy to slip up. The pandemic was a global event that put a damper on gym attendance everywhere. Initially, many gyms closed, and when they finally re-opened, mask mandates and other health protocols made working out in a public location less enticing. Many returned, all the same, but even late into 2022, nearly a third of gym-goers hadn’t gotten back into their out-of-home routines yet.

Top Shelf Nutrition is a brand founded on the desire to motivate individuals like those currently holding back to get back into their old gym rhythms. “All of Top Shelf Nutrition’s products are geared toward inspiring health and fitness,” says Top Shelf co-founder Connor Hair, “Whether it’s addressing current nutritional needs or preventing future health complications, our goal is to give you the supplements they need to get you off the couch and give you the motivation to get in the gym or get outside for some cardio.”

Hair and his co-founder, Nick Giovannetti, have accomplished this goal with two distinct ranges of supplement products: their Athletic series and Health series.

For the former, Top Shelf’s Athletic series consists of a dynamic pair of pre-workout formulas. These include eight all-natural ingredients and are designed to increase energy, focus, blood flow, cell oxidation, and overall athletic performance. They come in delectable snow-cone and strawberry kiwi flavors and are formulated for any kind of user, from newbies right on up to fitness fanatics and gym rats.

The Health series consists of an elite Superfoods formula along with the brand’s one-of-a-kind Immune Support. Together, these provide indirect, though equally important, support for fitness ambitions. “We specifically created our superfoods product because we noticed most people do not get their daily servings of greens in,” explains Giovannetti, “We also noticed products will either have your daily greens or your daily reds. Most do not have both in one, and if they do they are very expensive.”

Together, Top Shelf’s Athletic and Health series are giving reluctant individuals the tools they need to re-animate their gym lives. From energy and focus to overall health, Top Shelf Nutrition is helping individuals everywhere get out of their homes and back into their healthy fitness routines again.

About Top Shelf Nutrition
Top Shelf Nutrition was launched by Connor Hair and Nick Giovannetti in 2016 when the co-founders were still sophomores at Florida State University. While in college, the pair created their own effective pre-workout product using high-quality, raw ingredients. The formula quickly gained an avid following, and before long, the company was off to the races. Since that time, the Top Shelf Nutrition team has expanded the brand’s catalog with a range of additional health and fitness products, all of which have been picked up by various retailers across the Sunshine State and beyond. Learn more at

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