Top 5 Ways to Quit Smoking in 2022

MUMBAI, India, May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Smoking is the biggest cause of preventable diseases in the world. At any point in time, 70% of active smokers want to quit. Let’s learn about the most common ways out there to quit smoking.

  1. QuitSure: On a monthly basis, QuitSure is currently the world’s most downloaded quit smoking app. It’s a 6-day program that is developed by Stanford University alumna and it seems to have a very high success rate (based on 4000+ user reviews).  The app uses scientific principles like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (which has a proven success rate of over 40%) and provides daily videos, thinking exercises, and mindfulness techniques. It positively brainwashes your mind to dislike smoking, by using positive psychology, rather than fear. This leads to long-lasting results. Since the app works by removing your cravings rather than asking you to implement self-control or willpower, anyone can follow it. It also offers guidance from expert coaches and has an active community of over 13,000 people to keep the motivation levels high. If you are not in the mindset to quit today, that is also not a problem! In fact, the app says "Continue smoking during the program. Quit when ready." That summarizes its unique approach.
  2. Prescription Drugs: Medicines to curb cravings or make cigarettes less satisfying are also being used. They cost around $300 per month and have a 7% success rate.
  3. Nicotine Replacement Products: NRTs like nicotine gums and patches are actively prescribed by physicians and therapists as smoking substitutes. They have an efficacy of 6-8% and cost around $50 per month.
  4. Self-control: Almost every smoker has heard, "Just control yourself." But is it actually this simple? Studies suggest that this method has efficacy of just 3-5%. The person is always in a state of turmoil and thus eventually gives up.
  5. Cutting down: Slowly reducing your cigarette intake is the principle here. The downside is that since you are not working on the root cause of urges (your subconscious brain), this method also proves ineffective with a merely 5% success rate.

If you are looking to quit at the earliest, then we recommend the QuitSure app which can help you quit in just 6 days. Almost all these other methods require 6-24 weeks.

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