Thrvly Launches Global Fitness Platform Transforms How Fitness Instructors Reach A Global Audience

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Thrvly, Inc, a fitness media company for a global wellness community, launches their largest update to date for the web-based fitness platform that connects instructors, studios, and health & wellness creatives with a global fitness audience. Thrvly has designed and built the first open health & fitness marketplace platform for instructors across the world to build a better business from their expertise and lifestyles, delivering a high-end experience at the marketplace scale of Airbnb. 

The Thrvly platform upends the traditional model of the digital fitness industry, where companies jump from instructor to instructor, paying one-time fees for content, which they then turn into large subscription profits from members. Instructors, the drivers of these companies are left behind to find work and income elsewhere.

Thrvly gives more to the instructors, who we call Creatives, by creating paths to sustainable recurring revenue themselves, and even ways to earn equity in the company. While most instructors are trading their time for money, through training sessions, live on-line classes, etc., the Thrvly platform gives them the ability to build an on-demand class & course library and earn revenue from global user base.

“Creatives who deliver amazing content can earn a great income from a world-wide audience,” says Dave Hayes, Thrvly Founder and CEO. “Members have an endless selection of creatives, workouts and wellness programs to choose from, all under $20/month. There is even a free plan for those just starting the journey.”

We are excited to announce strategic partnerships with organizations across North America, Europe, and Australia.

“We are delighted to receive Thrvly as a new member of EuropeActive,” says EuropeActive Executive Director Andreas Paulsen, “as we believe in their unique fitness proposition that connects a whole network of members, exercise professionals and studios worldwide. The idea of developing fitness communities through digital and tech is very much in line with the Digital heading of EuropeActive’s Horizon 2025 Sectoral Manifesto.”

This will help deliver this opportunity for growth to as many instructors and health professionals who need a better business platform in these difficult times.

“At Platinum Training Institute we are delighted to partner up with THRVLY to offer a platform for our students to use after completing their qualifications,” says Lee Haven, Owner of Platinum Training Institute. “As the industry changes we need an awesome platform to help with the needs of clients. I couldn’t recommend THRVLY enough to coaches to help increase their business potential.”

We couldn’t be more excited as a company to be releasing the first public version of Thrvly to creatives across the world, and people who want to learn from any teacher, studio, and professional wherever they live.

About Thrvly
Founded by a former collegiate football player and 4x Ironman, Dave Hayes, and 14x Ironman and long-time coach, Troy Clifton, Thrvly is dedicated to giving the world of instructor’s real access to growing revenue through digital streaming and coaching services.

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