The Water Bottle Company Fighting Against Pollution

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Roughly 50 billion water bottles are purchased each year …in the United States alone. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. As information has become more readily available, consumers everywhere have made an increasingly concerted effort to ditch sugary beverages in favor of good, clean H2O. It’s a trend that, as far as the health and wellness industry is concerned, is as good as it gets. It’s also one that New Zealand brand Pure NZ heartily approves of.

However, the Kiwi water bottle manufacturer is also aware of one of the biggest negative reverberations associated with the “drink more water” movement: the consumption of water provided in disposable plastic bottles. While people drinking more water is a wonderful thing, the way that they are currently doing so is certainly not doing the planet any favors.

The problem is, water bottles are convenient. If you’re trying to stay hydrated and you leave the house without a drink, nabbing a water bottle at the gas station or in a vending machine can alleviate the problem. On top of that, in many areas of the world, drinking out of the tap is considered unsafe, leading many to consistently seek clean water in bottled form.

With this catch-22 in mind, Pure NZ made it their mission to provide a solution that simultaneously answered the problems of hydration, sustainability, and convenience. They addressed hydration by sourcing pure water from an aquifer in their home nation. They maintained convenience by bottling it in easy-to-use pre-packaged bottles. But it’s the sustainability bit that makes Pure NZ truly stands apart. Every one of the brand’s water bottles is made with 100% rPET materials. In other words, each bottle is solely made from recycled plastic. Rather than introducing new pollution, Pure NZ is ensuring that every bottle it creates comes from existing waste.

For years this has been great news for folks living south of the equator in the Land of the Long White Cloud. However, recently the brand has begun to ambitiously seek to create inroads into the international market, as well. Along with finding new customers in the U.S., Pure NZ also bolstered its online presence just in time for the pandemic to make brick-and-mortar distribution anything but certain. It doesn’t matter if your preference is ordering online or curbside pick-up from a retailer, though, it seems that it won’t be long before Pure NZ is making bottled water consumption a sustainable activity across the globe.

About Pure NZ: Pure NZ is a New Zealand bottled water brand that was launched ten years ago. Over the intervening decade, the company has built its operation into one of the most trusted labels in the two-island nation and is already rapidly expanding across international borders.

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