The Ultimate Adjustable Weight Collection for a Perfect Stay-at-Home Workout – MX Fitness Supply Introduces the Newly Redesigned Line of MX Select Adjustable Dumbbells

ROCHESTER, Minn. , March 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MX Fitness Supply ( recently unveiled a redesigned series of adjustable dumbbells and an adjustable barbell featuring a patented Dual Dial Handle Assembly. The Patented MX handle features 100% metal gears and solid metal selector shafts engineered to hold up to daily workouts and abuse, all while looking sleek and streamlined. Available in three different weight classes and designed to be quiet, smooth, and durable, the MX30, MX55, and MX85 are accessible directly from the company’s website with limited-time free shipping in the lower 48 states. MX Fitness Supply is the North American and Canadian Distributor for all MX Select products.

MX Select Adjustable Dumbbells – Three Different Sets for Any Workout
Because the MX handle features two dials (one for each end of the dumbbell), all MX dumbbells offer unique variety in weight settings, such as offset/counterweight settings. Users can select a different weight on one side of the dumbbell and another weight for the opposite side to allow for smaller weight increases and purposeful unbalanced weight settings – adding an incredible variety to accessory and pressing movements like bicep curls, shoulder raises, chest and shoulder presses.

All MX Rapid Change Dumbbell sets feature the unique MX Select patented 100% metal, rack-and-pinion weight selection and are compatible with the optional MX Dumbbell Stand and Adjustable Training Benches. The re-designed MX Select Dumbbell line features the new contoured antimicrobial handles for surface protection against bacteria, mold, mildew, and other hazardous microbes.

  • MX30 Dumbbell Set: With a weight range from 7.5 to 30 lbs., the MX30 fills a gap in the adjustable home-dumbbell market, adjusting in micro increments at only 1.25 lbs. A compact set that replaces over 700 lbs. of weights, the MX30 is perfect for users who are doing at-home content lead workouts with programs like Peloton, Beach Body, Les Mills, and others where higher reps and lighter weights make up the majority of movements. Users can select the perfect weight to push their workouts yet lower the risk of injury using normal dumbbells or other adjustable dumbbells.
  • MX55 Dumbbell Set: The most popular sized dumbbell, the MX55 weight range starts at 10 lbs. to 55 lbs. with weight adjustments as small as 2.5 lbs. One Pair of MX55 replicates over 1200 lbs. of combined weights in one compact set.
  • MX85 Dumbbell Set: A set for pros and dedicated longtime weightlifters, the MX85 has a weight range of 12.5 to 85 lbs., adjusts in increments as low as 4 lbs., and replaces over 1,800 lbs. of weights in one compact set.
  • MX80 Barbell set: The MX Select Adjustable Barbell Set includes an adjustable EZ curl bar and straight bar secured by the included MX-80 Barbell stand with weight adjustments from 20-80 lbs. in 5 lbs. increments. This compact set replaces 26 sets of Pro Style loaded barbells commonly found in premium health club settings.

MX Select: Rave 5-Star Verified Customer Reviews
"I am glad I pulled the trigger and got these. For quite a while I had been using standard plates with screw-collar dumbbell bars. They were a pain to adjust, they constantly became loose, and you couldn’t rest them on your legs very easy … the MX Selects have been a pleasure to use, easy to adjust, they feel solid, and I’ve been doing a lot more of my exercises with dumbbells since I picked these up." –C. Jensen

"Love the fact you can rest them on your knees with flat ends. All the other brands you cannot. Also, they shrink when smaller weight. This really makes them feel normal. Very easy to change the weight – just turn the dial. Stand included. Highly recommend!" –Jason

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