The Transformation Factory, Atlantic Gold Sea Moss Co., and Yemaya Organic Named Top Three in Sea Moss Gel Supplements by News7Health

News7Health has named three providers of sea moss gel supplements as the best in their class, based upon research and consumer reviews.             

NEW YORK, Sept. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Gerald Thompson, a news editor for News7Health Corp. announced this morning that three particularly entrepreneurial providers of sea moss gel supplement products have been named the best in their class based upon consumer reviews and research conducted by News7Health. Sea moss gel is becoming increasingly well-known and popular amongst health-conscious consumers as a source of superfood nutrition and for its many other physical, cosmetic, and cognitive benefits.

Each of the three winning brands has its own particular area of strength, and they each produce and sell a product that is substantially better in terms of nutritional quality and taste than the other brands in this crowded cottage industry comprised of small, mostly young companies competing for market share. The three companies selected are not the largest players in the field, but the largest players tend to diversify their product portfolios to such an extent that they do not pay adequate attention to the quality of their gel staples. 

The Transformation Factory, an entrepreneurial and aggressive enterprise, was started in 2021 and has been featured on Shark Tank. The company boasts the greatest variety of flavors, and is reasonably priced. Atlantic Gold Sea Moss Co. has a deeply rooted social conscience and is truly helping the struggling farmers who harvest its raw product. Their diversity of sea moss-based products is impressive. Yemaya Organic, which combines both the best premium wildcrafted quality and very reasonable pricing, has exceptionally attentive customer service and order fulfillment, and was ranked at number one by respondents. Yemaya Organic’s growing customer base is steadfastly loyal.

“At News7Health, we are giving consumers the best information regarding health and nutritional supplement products,” stated Thompson, “and we will be coming out with more product and company comparisons and ratings soon.”  


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