The Secret Behind MAA’s Success: Why Cryogenic Spices Make a Huge Difference in the Kitchen

Harry “Guru” Khanna’s Popular MAA Indian Sauces Utilize Spices Prepared in Sub-Zero Grinders. The Results Are to Die For.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Harry “Guru” Khanna has spent years developing the greatest Indian sauces on the market. The recipes in each jar of MAA sauce were developed in a Toronto pub, perfected in India, and are low-fat, top-allergen safe, and free of additives, cholesterol, trans-fat, and MSG. While it is an impressive list, these benefits actually aren’t the primary element that makes each of Khanna’s sauces stand out. The truly differentiating factor behind the MAA label is its owner’s use of cryogenic spices.

“MAA Sauces utilize cryogenics in a unique way,” explains Khanna. “We use grinders that are cooled with liquid nitrogen to sub-zero temperatures. This allows us to grind our spices without heating the grinder to a degree where it burns the ingredients.”

Cryogenic spices are a new and developing concept in the food industry, and Khanna has invested nearly eight years and half a million dollars into R&D to develop the perfect list of cryogenic spices. His recipes often boast well over a dozen ingredients, including classic Indian spices such as cumin, coriander, garam masala, and black and red pepper. Grinding these in a cryogenic grinder yields several key benefits:

  • Cryogenically ground spices retain their essential oils, nutrients that are often lost in the overheated traditional grinding process.
  • The external use of liquid nitrogen means no chemicals are required to keep the ground spices fresh.
  • The low temperatures avoid compromising the heat-sensitive constituents of each spice, naturally preserving its shelf life.

Critically, the use of cryogenic spices ensures that the sauces themselves boast a fresher, more nutritious, and overall more wholesome flavor profile. They are the key to turning each jar of MAA sauce into a masterfully unique and elegant cooking tool that can instantly turn a quick and convenient meal into a culinary masterpiece.

About MAA
MAA was originally Guru Foods Indian Sauces in the US and continues to operate under the registered trademark GURU in Canada. The brand was launched in 2009 by Harry “Guru” Khanna. The Indian ex-restaurant owner created his own commercial sauce label to give a global audience access to his premium Indian sauces. These highly sought-after culinary condiments utilize cryogenic spices, extra virgin olive oil, and Himalayan salt and are vegan, low-fat, top allergen safe, and free of dairy, gluten, trans-fat, MSG, cholesterol, and additives. Learn more at

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