The Nutritional Energy Drink That Brings It All Together

Bizz Energy Is More Than a Typical Energy Drink. It Is a Nutritional Supplement Designed to Go the Distance.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Bizz Energy is a groundbreaking energy drink that seeks to bring together all of the reasons someone might seek an energy beverage to fuel their fitness and daily activity needs. The drink was formulated with both energy and health in mind, making it a unique way to amp up physical and mental stamina.

Bizz Energy was born out of real-life need. Founder Gavin Jacono launched the brand as a 17-year-old entrepreneur and athlete. Jacono has always been avidly committed to fitness. He was a regular at Gleason’s gym in Brooklyn and heavily invested in a variety of athletic pursuits, including boxing, weightlifting, and soccer.

Throughout this fitness journey, Jacono found that he was increasingly interested in how he could support his outward physical efforts through inward health and nutrition. “I was big on the stuff that every athlete and gym enthusiast focuses on,” Gavono explains. “I obsessed over things like protein intake and nutritional supplements. I also wanted to increase my energy output. I was — and still am — a big fan of Turkesterone.”

When Jacono looked for an energy drink that could satisfy all of these needs, he was unsuccessful. Instead, he found he was drinking multiple kinds of sports nutrition and energy drinks depending on his needs. Each one had things he wanted, but nothing had all of them. Finally, he decided to develop his own drink — a drink that didn’t have unhealthy ingredients, was filled with additional nutrients, and managed to pack a genuine punch without a sugar crash. The result was Bizz Energy.

Bizz Energy focuses on delivering clean energy reinforced by key nutrients designed to enhance physical performance, endurance, and mental focus. The formula is free of harmful chemicals and additives, as well as sweeteners like sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and aspartame. It features a punchy dose of 200 mg of caffeine, niacin, biotin, potassium, vitamins B6 and B12, essential amino acids, and an innovative soluble form of Turkesterone (a first in the energy drink world).

Bizz Energy is ideal for those looking for a one-stop shop for their energy and nutritional fitness needs. It brings together an utterly unique combination of healthy ingredients that simultaneously eliminates unwanted ingredients, amps up energy, and improves nutrition. In a world filled with plenty of partial solutions, it is the total energy drink package.

About Bizz Energy

Bizz Energy was founded by Gavin Jacono. The fitness and nutrition fanatic hails from New York City and is obsessed with boxing, weightlifting, and soccer. As an aspiring 17-year-old entrepreneur, Jacono launched Bizz Energy as a way to create the ultimate energy drink he had always wanted to fuel his athletic pursuits. Along with a potent dose of caffeine, the Bizz Energy formula taps into a unique form of soluble Turkesterone. It is delicious, clean, and effective. Learn more at

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