The Luxury Soap Brand That Soothes Stress Away

Osia Osia by ZEZE Is a Soap Brand That Creates High-Quality Cleansers With Fragrances Designed to Address the Stress

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — There’s nothing quite like a bath at the end of the day to help an individual unwind. However, the creators of Osia Osia by ZEZE know that it isn’t just warm water that makes a bath special. It’s the soap that a person uses, too.

"If you use the wrong soap, it can completely undo the relaxation that a nice bath offers," says ZEZE co-founder Saurabh Bhatia, "An unpleasant scent can be unsettling, and a harsh soap can leave the skin dry and itchy afterward. That’s why each and every ZEZE soap is designed to have unique destressing qualities."

It’s not hard to see why ZEZE soaps are able to provide a truly destressing experience. The brand’s products are split into two ranges. Its Organic Range of soaps uses exclusively organic ingredients and comes with relaxing scents, like Bourbon Rose, Egyptian Musk, and French Lavender. The company’s Herbal Range of soaps uses Ayurvedic ingredients and includes fragrances like Jasmine & Mogra, Kumkumadi Oil With Saffron, and Almond Oil and Honey.

Along with their unique aspects, all ZEZE soaps are handmade using Ayurvedic methods and incorporate cold-pressed pure oils, essential oils, floral extracts, and distillations. The end product is a soap that, no matter what the fragrance, is genuinely able to help relax the body and destress the mind.

Having such a simple, healthy tool to address stress is uniquely valuable in the current times. According to the American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in America survey, Americans aren’t just stressed. They have a lot of things to be stressed about. Over 80% of recent respondents cited things like rising prices, supply chain concerns, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and even things as broad as "global uncertainty" as key stressors in their daily lives and thought processes.

With things like these adding to the natural stress of living life, it’s important to have the tools available to help. Osia Osia by ZEZE is answering that need through its luxury soaps, which can soothe the stress away one bath at a time.

About Osia Osia by ZEZE: Osia Osia by ZEZE was established to help consumers access affordable, home-based relaxation and stress relief through premium herbal and organic luxury soaps.The brand’s U.S.-based parent company, ZEZE, was founded in December of 2021.It operates in concert with its sister organization, Osia Osia, which has sold similar products in Europe and Asia for many years. Learn more at

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