The High-Flying Energy Drink with Long-Lasting Solutions

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — All energy drinks focus on boosting energy. It’s in the name, after all. However, the way that a drink boosts bodily energy can vary from one concoction to the next. At times, it’s as simple as drinking a cup of coffee to get a quick pick-me-up from a moderate dose of caffeine. However, the further afield that you get in the energy drink industry, the more extreme the energy solutions become.

For instance, Death Wish Coffee ups the ante when it comes to java by delivering a staggering 600-plus milligrams of caffeine in a single cup. For those of you counting at home, that’s well over six times the average cup. Many canned energy drinks go in a different direction by utilizing things like sugars or synthetic taurine to magnify the effects of caffeine.

The biggest short-term problem with these over-the-top solutions? The substantial crash that they typically end with. Sure, you might get a boost in performance for an hour or two. But you better get everything done in that window of time because you’ll be exhausted, frazzled, and inept once you come down from that artificial high.

The caffeine and sugar crashes associated with energy drinks are precisely what pushed the folks at Cleverit Corp to develop their flagship product, Orbit Coffee. The product tagline is “Open it. Drink it. Lift off.” And the product delivers. Packaged in a ready-to-drink, open-and-go pouch, Orbit Coffee is extremely easy to ingest at a moment’s notice.

However, it’s the way that Orbit Coffee boosts energy that makes it even more exceptional. Rather than simply leaning on a massive dose of caffeine, sugar, and synthetic energy boosters, the team behind the brand looked for a way to combine a speedy delivery of energy with longevity. They brought together a unique list of ingredients that includes, among other things, slow and fast carbohydrates that are designed to begin working immediately …and then continue working from there. In addition, the concoction has a dose of Maca root, an ancient Peruvian food that is famous for its ability to enhance both cognitive and physical performance.

Rather than throwing more caffeine or sugar at the energy issue, Orbit Coffee focuses on addressing the problem in an effective, stable, long-lasting manner. This thought-out approach — combined with its delicious coffee and chocolate taste and convenient packaging — has made the up-and-coming Italian product an instant hit amongst consumers looking for a way to achieve and maintain peak performance during high-intensity activities.

With Cleverit ambitiously promoting Orbit Coffee around the globe, particularly in the e-commerce space, the only question that remains for this stellar new take on energy drinks is how high it truly can fly.

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