The Health and Wellness Benefits of IV Therapy at Miami Wellness and Aesthetics Center

MIAMI, Jan. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With access to one of the best nightlife scenes across the country, Miami residents are certainly no strangers to hangovers and dehydration issues. And while we’ve all heard the old wive’s tales, and snake-oil hangover cures passed down from generations before us, in reality, one of the most effective sure-fire hangover cures is a popular wellness treatment known as IV Therapy.

IV stands for the intravenous method of administering any types of fluids, vitamins, minerals and other compounds. While you’ve likely seen them in hospitals, recently, more medical spas like Miami Wellness and Aesthetics Center are offering IV Therapy to clients on an everyday basis, for a wide variety of health, wellness, and even cosmetic benefits.

IV Therapy allows patients suffering from issues such as dehydration, vitamin-deficiencies, or even skin complexion issues, access to vital compounds and fluids, faster and more efficiently than any other route of administration.

Because these nutrients and fluids are delivered directly to the bloodstream, patients are able to feel the effects and overall benefits faster, and far more efficiently, as it avoids the need for compounds to pass through the body’s digestive system.

This also means that patients get 100% of the compound in their bloodstream and nutrients avoid being broken down while being processed by the body. While oral administration is often well below 50%. As a result, patients can experience maximum relief from a hangover, or get the revitalizing benefits of a Vitamin Infusion drip in under 30 minutes!

Dr. Hamadiya and his team offer a wide variety of IV Therapy drips designed to provide benefits including hydration, improved immune-health, enhanced energy, stress relief, hangover relief, migraine treatment, cell restoration, anti-aging, cell & organ detoxification, skincare benefits, and much more!

Find out how IV Therapy can allow you to LOOK AND FEEL your absolute best today.

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Miami Wellness and Aesthetics Center is one of the Miami’s foremost medical spas, offering patients with non-invasive cosmetic care for nearly a decade. Trained at the Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Hamadiya is an aesthetics expert known for his expertise in injectable treatments, and all around anti-aging. He is dedicated to providing patients with the most natural looking, aesthetically-pleasing results, while ensuring to maintain their overall health and wellness. The practice is located at 40 SW 13th Street, Suite 402, Miami, Florida 33130.

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