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BOSTON, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Boston’s number one personal training company, Elite Home Fitness, is redefining fitness by offering convenient personal training. The company is bringing workouts to the client home, office, or apartment gym, when and where its convenient to train. "Now you do not have an excuse for not wanting to get in shape. We will come to you," said director Luis Mendonza, when making the announcement.

The company director says they are striving to bring the best personalized fitness training to ensure healthy and active lifestyles among all individuals in the most suitable and convenient way.

Elite Home Fitness collaborates with residential apartment communities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, where they have been hosting multiple events weekly at each residence. The company director says this has been successful. "Residents have appreciated this, as the fitness trainers have been offering free fitness evaluations, free goodies, personal training, and even group demo classes," said the company director, while urging residents of the communities which they have been partnering with to look out for an event that could be featured at their residence. These events attract individuals of different ages, sizes, and abilities.

Proud to be the best in home and luxury residential personal training, Elite Home Fitness strives to offer effective fitness motivation, convenience, and accountability. The future of fitness is offering clients personal training at home and at their convenience, says the company director while urging those looking for a home personal trainer to visit the company website( or send an email (
where Boston’s best personal trainer will get back to them.

About Elite Home Fitness
Elite Home Fitness was found in 2016 with the vision to change the way consumers get into shape. The personal fitness company believes there is no excuse when it comes to exercise; they have made it easy for people to get and stay in shape. Elite Home Fitness brings the training and equipment to the client, a place where it is convenient to work out. The gym now will come to the home, corporate office, or the client’s place of choice.

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