The Fitness Company Leading the Virtual Workout Revolution

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sports nutrition brand D2Fit is well aware that the future lies in an online fitness model. Well before the pandemic drove everyone to work out from home, the streaming-centered D2Fit model was blazing the way toward the fitness future.

D2Fit Nutrition founder Jessica James Bass launched her popular fitness and supplement brand Dance2Fit based on the model "Why go to the gym when you can work out in the comfort of your home?" It’s a message that continues to resonate with hundreds of thousands of individuals — especially stay-at-home parents — who simply don’t have the time or flexibility to head to a local fitness center or gym several times a week.

Jessica Bass James’s fitness program is a unique mix of aerobic dancing and fitness techniques. It combines high-intensity workouts like these with upbeat hip-hop music that brings a fresh and energetic feel to every routine that the brand creates. Jessica Bass James’s D2Fit Nutrition label supplements her popular routine with a trio of supplements that help burn fat, feed muscle, and boost energy.

What’s really revolutionary about Jessica Bass James’s creation, though, is the fact that it was designed for maximum accessibility, regardless of an individual’s schedule or geographic location. Members can access local classes led by positive, uplifting certified instructors. However, Dance2Fit is primarily operated via an online fitness program that can be reached via a live stream feed. In addition, the entrepreneur has ensured that all of her supplements are easily accessible via online, e-commerce retailers like Amazon.

This focus on the online fitness model sounds typical in the post-pandemic "new normal," where remote access is a focus. However, Jessica Bass James and her fitness compatriots were already busily exercising online before the pandemic even started. The founder created the company specifically because, as a busy mom, she couldn’t find a workout routine that either fit into her schedule or didn’t become repetitive over time.

While online workout apps have become increasingly popular, D2Fit fans are well aware that their online presence predated the hype. They’re used to using the online format to not only get moving but to achieve actual results. Jessica Bass James’s revolutionary, cloud-based workout movement remains focused on creating "an uplifting experience that anyone can enjoy at their own pace." It’s a message that likely won’t expire any time soon, pandemic or not.

About D2Fit Nutrition: D2Fit Nutrition is the brainchild of Dance2Fit founder Jessica Bass James. Jessica Bass James has "devoted her life to helping millions of people across the globe achieve their fitness goals." The wunderkind workout company was founded in 2018 and operates out of Knoxville, Tennessee.

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