The Current 63% Physician Burnout Rate Points to a Massive Leadership Failure in US Healthcare. These Physician Wellness Champions Will Lead the Way Back to Caring for the Caregivers.

SEATTLE, Feb. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — is pleased to announce the 12th edition of our Quadruple Aim Physician Leadership Retreat [QAPLR], April 13 – 16, 2023 Live on ZOOM. This Physician Wellness Champion Master Class has produced 240 graduates to date, leading the wellness strategy of organizations on four continents.

The rise of the employee physician and the digital overwhelm of Electronic Medical Records have combined to produce a 63% prevalence of Physician Burnout in the latest national study in the USA. (1) The American Medical Association, National Academy of Medicine and Surgeon General have all declared physician burnout a national crisis.(2)

Healthcare leaders have forgotten the Quadruple Aim (3) – the need to care for the caregivers, in addition to the patients. A new Wellness Leadership Capacity must be developed to protect the health and wellbeing of the physicians, nurses and all staff.

The QAPLR Retreat a complete Physician Wellness Champion “Master Class”. When properly provisioned by their home leadership team, graduates are capable of building a complete corporate wellness strategy to match their organization’s unique circumstances.

SEATTLE, Washington, February 15th, 2023

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2023 Spring Dates April 13-16, 2023

Massive consolidation in the healthcare industry now means over 70% of US physicians are now employees (4). Leadership teams must now add Physician Wellbeing to their list of core responsibilities for employee doctors. Physician Wellness Leadership is a new discipline. Almost all existing physician leaders are unprepared to function as Wellness Champions without significant additional training., the original online source for physician burnout coaching, built the Quadruple Aim Physician Leadership Retreat to address this leadership vacuum. The 3-day retreat and its 8-week follow provide all the tools and support to become an effective Wellness Champion.

Graduates learn to prevent physician burnout system- wide based on CEO, Dr. Dike Drummond’s experience working with 175 organizations and training over 40,000 doctors to recognize and prevent burnout since the organization was founded in 2010.

The QAPLR three-day wellness leadership intensive is hosted by Dike Drummond MD Live on ZOOM to eliminate the hassles, expense and COVID risk of travel and hotels.

Over 3 ½ days, an intimate group of only 20 physician leaders will learn and practice:

  • How to recognize, prevent and treat burnout on three levels: personal, team, system-wide
  • Proven tools to get home sooner, lower stress and build life balance
  • Communication skills to transform physician resistance and build team trust and engagement
  • Tools to run much better meetings, delegate effectively, give quality feedback to direct reports
  • Techniques to navigate bureaucracy and manage your boss
  • The four-part Quadruple Aim Blueprint Strategy for proactive, organization-wide burnout prevention

The retreat also offers:

  • 31 hours of Continuing Medical Education Credit
  • A comprehensive 8-week follow up support system to ensure immediate leadership effectiveness on the participant’s return home. Graduates receive weekly coaching calls, a weekly newsletter and exclusive access to a private online support forum for a full three months after the retreat.

About Dike Drummond MD and [] is the original online source of coaching, training and consulting to prevent physician burnout since 2010. CEO, Dike Drummond MD [] is a Family Physician and executive coach with over 3000 hours of one-on-one physician coaching experience. He is the author of the book “Stop Physician Burnout” with over 40,000 copies in print. Dr. Drummond has trained over 40,000 physicians on behalf of 175 major healthcare organizations to recognize and prevent burnout.

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Wendy Kunz
Chief Operations Officer



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