The Company Redefining the Fitness Community

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Staying fit is often seen as a radical activity — not because exercising is particularly revolutionary, but because those who are serious about working out are often extremely intense as they do so. This has led to terms like gym rat and fitness freak. This aura of fanatical commitment is harmless enough in most cases. However, it does have the potential to deter less ardent individuals — i.e. those who lack the willingness to live at the gym — from joining the fitness crowd.

Enter Dance2Fit. The fitness brand started when founder Jessica Bass James decided that “she needed a fitness program that fit into her hectic schedule.” The go-getter’s solution? To launch her own, more accessible fitness option. Thus, Dance2Fit was born. From its inception, Jessica Bass James’ young brand was centered on two things: dancing and exercise. Combining the two infused her routines with a dose of high-intensity fun that immediately made them attractive to a much larger audience.

It didn’t take long before the fitness-guru-in-the-making found out that she was most definitely not the only one interested in fitting exercise into a busy schedule. Before long, Jessica Bass James had built a community in the hundreds of thousands that spanned across the entire U.S. and was even beginning to catch on around the globe.

Throughout this journey, Jessica Bass James maintained a sense of community and fun at the heart of her brand’s message. While fitness was always a priority, the goal was to get there by combining her “love of dancing and healthy lifestyle to create an uplifting experience that anyone can enjoy at their own pace.” This inclusive message was reinforced by the fact that members could follow Dance2Fit’s workout both via live stream as well as in physical locations where they joined fellow Dance2Fit members and followed along with a certified instructor.

By combining accessibility, fun, and a passion for a healthy lifestyle, the Dance2Fit brand has managed to redefine the fitness culture. Jessica Bass James has brought healthy pursuits right into the living room of Americans everywhere. Gym nuts and cardio fanatics no longer corner a fitness market that has begun to evolve thanks to Dance2Fit’s 700,000 (and counting) loyal members connected via a tech-driven network that spans across multiple parts of the globe.

With so much momentum already behind it, the sky’s the limit for the Knoxville-based brand as it continues to bring people together, both physically and remotely, all in the name of exercise, health, and getting their groove on.

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