The CBD Company That is Putting the Community First

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The CBD gospel has been sweeping the nation as regulations have eased and the powerful benefits of cannabidiol products have become more widely recognized. CBD oil is increasingly used as a natural remedy for everything from anxiety and depression to chronic pain management and even weight concerns. Of course, most of the effects of the CBD industry are individual in nature. Inner battles and physical struggles are common culprits that consumers seek to address with a daily dose or two of a CBD tincture.

However, there’s one company that is looking to make a bigger impact. Zero In On Nutrition— Z.I.O.N. for short — is an up-and-coming CBD brand that is fixated on supporting and improving holistic health within the greater community. They recognize that this starts with empowering consumers to address their issues by equipping them with an arsenal of quality CBD products. Z.I.O.N.’s own product line of carefully curated, third-party tested products includes things like cotton-candy flavored tinctures, CBD salves, and even calming, pet-friendly oils.

However, Z.I.O.N.’s goal isn’t just to aid individuals. In the words of the company, “the big picture is to improve communities as a whole.” With that in mind, Zero In On Nutrition has launched what it lovingly refers to as its “12 Month / 12 Foundation Campaign.” This consists of a dozen different charities, each of which is assigned to a different month of the year. These foundations run the gamut, from fighting childhood hunger to breast cancer awareness, supporting veterans, preventing animal cruelty, and more. As the year progresses, Zero In on Nutrition gives to that month’s charity. It doesn’t just request customer donations, either. The organization proactively donates a portion of each sale, taking pride in the fact that each and every one of their patrons is “now officially guilty by association with [their] order!”

This goal of “helping thousands of individuals and animals throughout the nation” places Zero In on Nutrition in a uniquely philanthropic position. The company is actively sowing a portion of the proceeds from the lucrative CBD industry directly back into the communities that are already personally benefiting from cannabidiol’s individual effects. This commitment to both individual and community-wide health and wellness has put the CBD manufacturer in rare air as it looks to grow its market share on a firm reputation of quality, trust, and a family-first message.

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