The CBD Brand Putting Puppies First

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dogs are man’s best friend. They have a calming presence, are loyal companions, and can be the perfect antidote to a stressful day. However, that doesn’t mean that dogs, themselves, can’t suffer from a case of the yips at times. This is why Zero In On Nutrition has made it a focal point of its business model to provide genuinely high-quality CBD products not just for humans but for canines, too.

Dogs can get jittery for a variety of reasons. From stress caused by fireworks to a full-blown case of separation anxiety, there are plenty of ways that a dog’s nerves can get on edge. When that happens, there is no end to the number of people who will recommend using a dose of CBD oil to calm them down and bring their hearts back to a state of equilibrium.

This was the case for Zero In On Nutrition cofounder Rocco DiPietro. When he found his dog suffering from anxiety caused by a round of 4th of July festivities, he decided to give him a dropper of the calming elixir to his pooch to help him chill out. Unfortunately, the brand that he used suffered from an issue that is rampant throughout the CBD industry: quality control. With clearly present levels of THC in the formula, DiPietro soon found that his dog wasn’t just calm — he was high.

These unexpected results launched DiPietro and his fellow CBD entrepreneurs on a mission to create a dog-friendly CBD product. Not long afterward they released their brand’s answer: CBD OIL FOR PETS. The product used two ingredients. The first was organic MCT oil naturally extracted from coconut oil. The other was an extremely pure form of Colorado-grown hemp-derived cannabidiol.

The Zero In On Nutrition team used their typically over-abundant caution to ensure that the tincture was THC-free (i.e. it lacked the substance that could make anyone or any pet high). This claim to caution isn’t just idle boasting, either. The company actually sends out its oils to be third-party tested as an extra layer of protection against the THC-free claim.

THC-free, high-quality CBD oil is easy to get for humans as long as you do a little research beforehand. However, finding a brand that truly cares about the effects that its products have on its customers’ four-legged friends is a bit more difficult. It serves as a natural reminder of the fact that Zero In On Nutrition is a beacon of quality in an industry that is currently operating a bit like the lawless Wild West.

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