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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áRevolutionary fitness brand Dance2Fit and its sister label D2Fit Nutrition work together to offer a holistic fitness program for hundreds of thousands of individuals. The companies were started by founder Jessica James Bass, who created each label with a desire to help both herself and others effectively reach their fitness goals.

The fitness industry has been growing space for years now. While it did suffer a minor setback during the coronavirus pandemic, according to estimates from Statista, the industry is already on track to resume its upward trajectory in 2021.

While growth has been the name of the game, though, it hasn’t been uniform. Just like the rest of the health and wellness world, fitness remains a topic in transition. Science is always informing ever-evolving dietary supplements. Home gym solutions and corporate workout spaces continue to duke it out for the loyalty of those looking to stay in shape.

One pair of brands that have managed to successfully navigate the ever-changing fitness landscape are Dance2Fit and D2Fit Nutrition. The popular workout option and accompanying supplement label have continued to gain steam throughout the ongoing pandemic, thanks in part to Dance2Fit’s online workout options. The brand offers in-person classes through certified instructors as well as via an online live stream.

This hybrid of exercising solutions was created specifically with Dance2Fit’s customers in mind. The brand was founded by serial entrepreneur and mother of five, Jessica Bass James, who explains that she created her company with an eye toward combining "my passion for music and dance into a fitness program that worked for my body and made me feel excited to exercise!"

James’ vision was contagious, and before long she had hundreds of instructors and an audience in the millions. As her adaptable workouts continued to change the lives of parents, and especially women, across the country, she began working on another important aspect of nutrition: fitness.

This resulted in the creation of Dance2Fit’s sister brand D2Fit Nutrition. The label provides pre-workout and protein powders as well as a supplement designed to help support a healthy appetite and weight management.

The combination of in-person and online fitness classes and access to effective sports nutrition supplements has allowed James’ brands to offer a holistic, all-in-one workout solution for her gigantic loyal fanbase. The additional aspects of acceptance and community, both of which are trademark elements of her brands’ messages, only enhance the experience as they continue to help "inspire and motivate people to make positive changes in their lives."

There’s no doubt that the fitness world will continue to evolve in the years to come. Nevertheless, the comprehensive combination of customer-focused factors that Dance2Fit and D2Fit Nutrition offer promises to help the two brands thrive for years to come.

About D2Fit Nutrition and Dance2Fit: D2Fit Nutrition and Dance2Fit are a pair of companies created by Jessica Bass James. The fitness instructor created both brands as a way to provide an accessible form of fitness to other mothers, parents, and individuals around the world who are striving to manage endlessly blessed but busy lives.

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