The Benefits of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training – Gyan Yog Breath Explains

RISHIKESH, India, March 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In today’s fast-paced world, finding moments of peace and balance is crucial. Gyan Yog Breath, one of the most renowned yoga centers in India, understands this need and offers a transformative journey through their unique 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in India. Rooted in ancient wisdom and tailored for modern practitioners, this yoga teacher training in India is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to embark on a fulfilling journey of self-discovery and optimum health.

The Benefits of a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Gyan Yog Breath:

  1. Most Authentic Wisdom: Gyan Yog Breath teaches participants the true and original meaning of asana. For example, a common yoga pose in modern yoga is called “Downward-Facing Dog”. In Sanskrit, the actual name is “Parvatasana” which translates to “Mountain Pose”. The quality of the mountain are stability, calmness, peace and unaffectedness. Such qualities will be implemented in the practitioner’s body and mind according to traditional, yogic context. During the yoga teacher training, trainees can expect to learn all about the roots of yoga asana, their powerful meanings, benefits and modern misconceptions.
  2. Most Supportive Location: Rishikesh is located at the beginning of the Himalayas and holy Ganges River. The positive vibrations, rich yogic culture and peaceful surroundings support growth in yoga and spirituality. Practicing yoga amidst such empowering yet calming energy enhances the transformative experience of the training. Many famous sages and modern yogis, like the Apple founder and Beatles, began their journey in Rishikesh, India.
  3. Holistic and Comprehensive Curriculum: Gyan Yog Breath’s yoga teacher training in India is Yoga Alliance certified and covers various modules such as Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Anatomy and Philosophy of yoga. Unlike other programs, Gyan Yog Breath’s curriculum goes beyond the basics of yoga. It also covers Ayurveda, shatkarma (cleansing techniques), Kids and Prenatal Yoga, Nutrition, Yoga Therapy, and Vedic rituals.
  4. Gyan Yog Breath’s 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in India is especially designed for yoga teachers who wish to elevate their teaching skills in yoga therapy. The 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India covers 40 days of residential training in order to become a RYT-500. Trainees can also join the Fertility Yoga Teacher Training in India at Gyan Yog Breath for further specialization in yoga.

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