The BAR by Remedy+ Offers Amped Up Ammunition for Go-Getters Everywhere

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — It’s easy to spot the weakness in an underdog and help them improve. It’s more difficult to take a winner and help them perform even better. Nevertheless, the latter is precisely what Remedy+ focuses on. The performance and lifestyle brand offers a suite of hemp-based products, each of which is specially formulated to ensure peak performance, whether it be boosting energy levels, fine-tuning focus or simply enabling better rest. One of these products is a delectably effective protein bar conveniently known as The BAR.

Remedy+ is a company on a mission. Created by ambitious co-founders Chris Peck and Tom Kurz, the owners launched their business with one goal in mind: to help people optimize the function of their body and mind through the power of hemp and their proprietary formulations

The co-founders were well aware from the start that it isn’t easy to effectively support ambitious professionals already in pursuit of their individual dreams and goals. That’s why their catalog of products focuses on optimizing the exceptional in different ways. From topical rubs to energy shots, drops, and capsules, the brand offers multiple solutions that enhance performance and speed up rest and recovery.

One of Remedy+’s popular product offerings is The BAR. The product is as powerful as it is delicious. Each bar comes packed with quality ingredients.

The hero ingredient, in this case, is hemp protein. Loaded with essential nutrients, hemp protein contains all nine essential amino acids. This makes it a "complete protein" that is uniquely equipped to boost both performance and overall physical health. Along with hemp protein, The BAR uses chocolate and berries to amp up taste, and an arsenal of elite ingredients to maximize the product’s effectiveness.

The BAR is able to serve as anything from a mid-morning snack to a grab-and-go meal replacement. The hemp-powered comestible is precisely the kind of tool that ambitious individuals need to gain an edge in their daily lives.

About Remedy+: Remedy+ is a premium line of hemp-based performance supporting supplements, snacks, and topicals produced by Fort Collins-based Remedy Products LLC. Founded in 2019 by Chris Peck and Tom Kurz, the company is committed to producing only the highest quality natural products to help ambitious adults extend their peak levels of performance at home, in the office, and on the playing fields.

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