Taking Control Over the Air We Breathe: Orlando Start-Up Debuts Innovative Wearable Personal Air Purification Device

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With the COVID-19 pandemic still prevalent, the approaching cold and flu season, year-round allergies, and indoor air pollution, top quality personal air space is essential. RIA, the flagship product from Orlando-based start-up GoSee Global, packs the power of a whole home air purifier into a personal air purification device purpose-built to be worn directly around the neck. Designed to give wearers independent control over the air they breathe, RIA is engineered to provide a clean air safety zone (with or without a mask) around the nose and mouth by combining two levels of scientifically-proven air purification technologies with the therapeutic benefits of diffused aromatherapy, dubbed Aromafication™

The scientific principals behind Aromafication™ pave the way to a new gold-standard of wearable wellness. RIA wearers gain the mental and physical benefits of purified air, on the go. And with the added benefit of aromatherapy, wearers have complete control of their personal air quality and experience to feel better, more relaxed, happier, and/or focused.

The first wearable device of its kind to be armed with two layers of air purification, RIA’s first layer of defense comes in the form of HEPA filtration with activated carbon. Considered the workhorse of any air purification device, HEPA is designed to capture over 99 percent of airborne particles, such as viruses, pollutants, allergens and pathogens. Negative ion generation is RIA’s second layer of defense; designed to further purify the air of harmful bacteria, viruses, mold species, dust, smoke, pollen, as well as common odors.

A form of holistic therapy, research indicates the act of breathing-in the aroma of essential oils, or Aromatherapy, can activate the brain’s limbic system triggering a variety of chemical actions within the body, including the release of specific chemicals that relax, calm, or stimulate both body, and mind.

“These days it has become even more important to have personal control over the air we’re breathing,” said James Kane, CEO and Founder of GoSee Global. “Wearing RIA offers a passive, always-on layer of personal protection – in the form of clean air– that goes with you. It’s ideal for those times when wearing a mask just isn’t possible, like eating or drinking. And when you can choose your own personal scent-zone, that’s a total game-changer! During this critical time, better personal air –in quality and scent– is something I think we all can benefit from!”

RIA strikes an ideal balance between powerful technology, and comfort. Independently third-party tested and verified, RIA is adjustable, lightweight, whisper-quiet, USB-rechargeable and travel, office, and back-to-school ready.

The introductory price for RIA is $199. The limited-time promotion includes travel case, bonus HEPA filters and free priority shipping.

For more information on the RIA wearable personal air purification device, please visit https://www.itsallria.com, and sign-up to stay informed about any developments surrounding RIA and new product releases.

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