Synflex America, Inc. Relaunches Arthritis Supplement Business for Pets and People

PUNTA GORDA, Fla., Sept. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Synflex America, Inc., the makers of Synflex liquid Glucosamine formulas for arthritis in humans and pets is back in a big way. When their office and warehouse sold unexpectedly in 2021, they had to reorganize their operation a little differently.

Synflex broke records with their lineup of products and have sold over 1 million bottles. As they explained it, the difference is two-fold. First, their entire line is pharmaceutical-quality ingredients. As well, they beat the competition in a unique way. The average adult only has to take ¼ ounce a day. That compares with other products that require that the individual take 1-2 ounces a day. That is where real price comparison comes in.

When the company first opened in 2000, there was some skepticism. In a recent interview, J.R. Rogers, President and CEO of Synflex America, Inc. explained it this way. “People were hearing about Synflex and could not believe how powerful others were saying it was so my answer was this. Give some to the lamest dog in the neighborhood and call me in a week.”

Of course, the rest is history. Lame dogs were acting like puppies again and sales skyrocketed. And once again, the low dose for humans beats out less expensive products from the daily dose requirements. Mr. Rogers concluded his remarks saying: “We know we have the most powerful; effective; and cost-efficient product on the market and our success tells us that is true.”

Arthritis sufferers and their pets have relied on Synflex products for over twenty years and the company continues to beat those who try to market lower cost formulas. They are also famous for their customer service and informational articles.

To learn more about liquid Glucosamine and how it works as a solution for joint health for both pets and humans, additional reading is available:

Synflex products earned their reputation in the arthritis industry and they are still going strong. You can find them online at: or (redirect).

The company’s phone number is 941-778-2155 or 1-800-796-0142 (toll-free).

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