SYNEVIT’s Superior Supplements Follow Strict European Standards

The Health and Wellness Brand Adheres to Rigorous European Standards and Regulations, From Manufacturing Through to Retail. This Makes Its Supplements Stand Out.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SYNEVIT® is a nutraceutical brand that has its origin in the United States but it is headquartered and primarily operates out of North Macedonia. Its European geography increases the regulations and guidelines that the brand must follow in the formulation, development, and production of its products. For consumers, this means SYNEVIT® naturally has a higher degree of quality than many competing brands.

“SYNEVIT® products aren’t thrown together in a back room and shipped from an unknown warehouse,” explains company founder and CEO George Cvetkovski. “In our home territory, our supplements are regulated as behind-the-counter (BTC) products. That means they are sold only by pharmacists by following strict pharmaceutical regulations. The intense oversight means we have more rules to follow, especially compared to the United States. That is always great news for anyone looking for safe, consistent, high-quality supplements.”

Cvetkovski adds that SYNEVIT® has gone above and beyond to maintain these higher standards for its products. The company works with three pharmacists and two doctors as full-time employees. They are in constant consultation with these on-site medical professionals as they seek to both develop and improve formulas with therapeutic effects.

Another element aligning with SYNEVIT’s rigorous standards is its commitment to incorporating technological innovation into the development and maintenance of nutraceutical formulas. The brand’s motto is Technology in Synergy with Nature®, and each product focuses on combining specific ingredients to optimize their effects on the body.

This is not done recklessly. Often, supplement manufacturers simply increase concentrations and dosages and then claim to have stronger, better results. SYNEVIT® takes a more targeted approach. Its on-staff medical professionals carefully follow RDA (recommended daily allowance) standards, ensuring that each dose contains a strong but not excessive concentration.

SYNEVIT® packages its supplements in pharmaceutical-grade blister packaging, as well. “The advantage of the blister packaging,” explains Cvetkovski “is that every capsule is protected until you take it. This avoids individual tablets or capsules from unnecessary oxygen exposure, slowing down oxidation and maintaining the concentration and effects of the ingredients right up until the moment you take them.”

From professional formulation to pharmaceutical-grade packaging and the need to follow rigorous European standards, every aspect of SYNEVIT’s business model ensures that consumers receive the highest quality supplements – which is a significant factor in an industry that is known for having a myriad of confusing, misleading, and low-quality offerings.


Launched in 1998 by CEO George Cvetkovski, SYNEVIT® traces its roots to North Macedonia (ex: Yugoslavia). The brand is currently headquartered out of North Macedonia with offices in Serbia and Rochester, New York. SYNEVIT® is an in-house brand of vitamins and minerals with unique, perpetually improved formulas informed by on-staff doctors and pharmacists and designed for therapeutic effect in patients. Learn more at

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