SYNEVIT® Embraces Supplemental Synergy

The North Macedonian Health Brand Boasts Balanced Formulas That Have a Synergistic and Cumulative Effect

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The pharmaceutical world often focuses on specific ingredients. If an individual is in pain, they can take ibuprofen or acetaminophen. If they have digestive issues, they might take omeprazole. These highly targeted medical solutions have their place. However, the team at SYNEVIT® firmly believes that when an individual seeks natural, nutraceutical health and wellness support, they should think beyond single ingredients.

“Our motto is Technology in Synergy with Nature®,” explains SYNEVIT® founder and CEO George Cvetkovski. “We don’t just manufacture single natural ingredients — although that’s important, too. We are also always on the lookout for innovative ways to create balanced formulas that have a synergistic and cumulative effect on our customers’ health.”

This synergistic approach to supplementation starts with perfecting what elements go into each product. Cvetkovski has complete control over the sourcing and selection of ingredients with SYNEVIT®’s manufacturers. This gives his team (which includes on-staff doctors and pharmacists) the ability to tweak both new and existing formulas, optimizing their effect as research develops and they discover better ingredient combinations.

Concentration matters, too. Many nutraceutical companies have a reputation for either being inconsistent with dosage or providing the absolute greatest concentration possible. For the SYNEVIT® team, neither of these approaches is correct.

Instead, the group always seeks to discover the ideal recommended daily allowance (RDA) of an ingredient. During the pandemic, for example, many people were taking 50g of zinc per day. However, the recommended daily dose is usually between 10 and 15g.

Taking five times the RDA is, at the least, a waste of resources and, in certain circumstances, the excess can even be harmful to an individual. By providing the perfect quantity of each ingredient, SYNEVIT® ensures the maximum effect of each formula without being wasteful in the process.

“Everything matters when creating nutraceutical formulas, including what ingredient you combine and the concentration of each one,” Cvetkovski concludes. “Our goal is to create health and wellness products that are genuinely good for our customers. That is the key. We’re always trying to upgrade our formulas to make sure all of the ingredients are working together to create synergistic results. When that happens, everyone is happy.”

Launched in 1998 by CEO George Cvetkovski, SYNEVIT® traces its roots to North Macedonia (ex: Yugoslavia). The brand is currently headquartered out of North Macedonia with offices in Serbia and Rochester, New York. SYNEVIT® is an in-house brand of vitamins and minerals with unique, perpetually improved formulas informed by on-staff doctors and pharmacists and designed for therapeutic effect in patients. Learn more at

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