Swanson Health Launches Mental Wellness Nutraceutical Product Line Swanson W/I/O™ (Wellness Inside & Out)

Curated to Improve Sleep, Manage Stress and Support Cognition Because Self-Care Isn’t Self-Centered

FARGO, N.D., Aug. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Swanson Health, a leader in family wellness products since 1969, launched Swanson W/I/O™ (Wellness Inside and Out), a curated line of mental health and self-care nutraceuticals. The product line was created to help consumers craft their own "personal kit" to help connect three important aspects of mental health: stress, sleep, and cognition. More than ever before, against the backdrop of a turbulent world, mental wellness plays a critical role in the pursuit of overall health and wellbeing. As a result, Swanson W/I/O™ is dedicated to prioritizing mental wellness and making quality products affordable, available, and accessible to all. They acknowledge that the concept of mental wellness is deeply personal, and self-care looks different for everyone at every phase of life.

Swanson W/I/O™’s suite of 21 personalized products available at http://www.livewio.com includes mental wellness SELF-CARE™ for improving sleep, next-day mood and cognitive support, PEACE of mind MUSHROOM™ with adaptogenic mushrooms to support healthier responses to stress, digital detox: REST, RESET & REFRESH™ to combat negative effects of blue light to reduce stress, improve sleep and support cognition, long day SELF-RECOVERY™ a non-habit forming blend without melatonin to create a sense of calm before bed for restful sleep and balanced mindset, and MENTAL balance with HERBS™ featuring nine adaptogenic herbs to support better sleep, less stress and clearer thoughts.

Self-care is whatever YOU need. For some, a good night’s sleep makes all the difference, while others desire razor-sharp focus and a clear mind. Others still seek respite from their day-to-day stress, prioritizing opportunities to relax and recharge. Swanson W/I/O™ provides flexible solutions that can be easily maintained so you can continue operating at your highest level. Mental wellness begins with Swanson W/I/O™’s innovative formulations and combinations which are based on cutting-edge nutritional science made simple, so you know exactly what you are getting and how they can benefit you inside and out.

"At Swanson W/I/O™, we believe that mental wellness is foundational to total wellness, and we are dedicated to your pursuit for wellness," said Swanson Health’s CEO Jim Hamel, "Whether you need help falling asleep, staying asleep, rebounding from stress or sharpening your focus on the tasks at hand, Swanson W/I/O™ has curated products to meet you where you are on your mental wellness journey. We are committed to creating quality products that support healthy communities."

The products, which range from $9.99$39.99 include gluten free, non-GMO, vegetarian, and vegan options for select SKUs. For detailed product and ingredient information and additional content please visit http://www.livewio.com/. For high-res product images and logos please click HERE.

About Swanson W/I/O™

WIO believes that mental wellness is essential to overall wellbeing and the backbone of a thriving community. Their new customizable suite of mental wellness support products that balance sleep, stress and cognition are innovative formulations and combinations that deliver multiple benefits.

About Swanson Health

Swanson Health products provide total wellness for mind, body, and home. Swanson Health started in 1969 in the heart of America with a mission to offer pure and potent health products at a great value. Over fifty years later, they continue to innovate science-backed vitamins and supplements, healthy home, pantry, and self-care products, delivering wellness solutions for mind, body and home.

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