Survey of 288,000 Reveals Resurgence of Rock and Alternative as Top Workout Tunes

This preference for rock music contradicts larger societal trends that have seen hip-hop and electronic music become top-charting genres. Rock music may be undergoing a cultural “comeback” within fitness communities.

NEW YORK, Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A recent survey of 288,000 fitness enthusiasts conducted by unveiled a surprising shift in workout music preferences, with rock and alternative music leading the charge.

Rock and alternative music emerged as the top choice for workout tunes, with a commanding 43.1% of the vote from respondents. This preference was notably higher than both hip-hop (22.6%) and high-energy EDM (19.5%).

Despite hip-hop and pop dominating the Billboard Top 40 charts, and with mainstream American music streaming data and previous surveys indicating its dominance in fitness spaces, this latest survey hints at a possible cultural reversion. Rock and alternative music, known for their energetic and timeless appeal, might be witnessing a comeback in the American fitness community.

The survey results underscore rock music’s resilience as a cultural force. Despite the dominance of genres like hip-hop in recent years, the raw energy of rock still resonates with a significant number of fitness enthusiasts.

Commenting on the findings, Liam Hunt, one of the survey’s co-authors, stated: “Our poll indicates that a significant 43.1% of fitness enthusiasts resonate with rock and alternative music during their workouts. This ebb and flow of musical preferences not only underscores the cyclical nature of cultural trends but also the deep connection between music, movement, and the mood of an era.”

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Survey Highlights:

  • 43.1% of respondents favored Rock and Alternative music
  • Reggae and Tropical Vibes was the least favored (<2%)
  • 22.6% favored Hip-Hop and Rap while 19.5% favored High-Energy EDM
  • The survey points to the lasting popularity of rock music, and a potential shift in cultural preferences for rock amid a market dominated by hip-hop

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