Struggling With Sex? ODAYA Has a Simple Solution.

The Intimacy Brand’s Silky Lubricants Are a Natural and Safe Way to Improve the Quality of a Person’s Sex Life

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — There are many reasons one might struggle in the intimacy department. For men, most of these issues are collectively referred to as ED or “erectile dysfunction.” It can stem from a wide variety of both mental and physical symptoms. Women have their struggles, as well. They can lose their sexual drive and face physical symptoms of vaginal dryness, even at younger ages. Stress, anxiety, and depression can also hamper men and women alike when they engage in intimate activities.

“Regardless of the specific reason, there’s no doubt that many individuals face hurdles in the bedroom from time to time,” says Joelle Pilote, co-founder of the intimacy brand ODAYA™, “Whether you’re stressed out, your libido is low, you’re dry, or you simply have a lot on your mind, there are times when you need a leg up.”

Pilote goes on to point out that there is no shortage of potential solutions out there. However, often these are extreme. ED medications are strong chemical tools. A woman can address vaginal dryness through hormone therapy. These are viable options, but often they’re overkill. “Sometimes, all a person needs is a simple tool to help them get in the mood,” Pilote adds, “That’s why we created ODAYA Ganja. It offers the simplicity of a normal lubricant without the complications of unhealthy substances and unwanted ingredients.”

The Canadian-made lubricant is made from all-natural homeopathic ingredients (i.e., no strong, greasy substances like petroleum), including its flagship element, organic hemp oil. This reverses the negative effects of harsher lubricant ingredients by helping to regenerate natural hydration through antioxidant, vitamin, and fatty-acid support. Most importantly, it makes it much easier to slip into the right mood, no matter what sexual struggles might be holding a person back.

“ODAYA Ganja is a simple solution that can help a person get their mind and body back on track,” says Pilote, “It doesn’t resort to extremes but simply uses natural, nourishing, hydrating ingredients to pave the way toward a higher quality of life, starting in the bedroom.”

About ODAYA™

ODAYA™ is a natural, women-led intimacy brand owned by Tingg Agency Inc. Founded in Quebec, Canada, in 2001, ODAYA focuses on three core values: quality, simplicity, and inclusivity. ODAYA uses ingredients specifically selected to bring comfort, pleasure, and confidence. Its mission is to enhance optimal health and lifestyle, promote self-care, and improve total well-being. Learn more at

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