Stage, A New Marketplace and Community, Launches to Support Breast Cancer Patients, Fighters, Survivors and Supporters

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Stage, a mission-driven marketplace and community for women with breast cancer and their supporters, launches today. Powered by survivors and experts, Stage was created by women who have been through the breast cancer journey. Stage offers a stylish collection of fashion, clean beauty, home goods and gifts curated to help her navigate this phase of life with dignity and a sisterhood of survivors at her back.

In the U.S., 1 in 8 women will battle breast cancer in their lives. With 85% of diagnosed cases occurring in women with no family history of breast cancer, the news often comes as a surprise. While conventional medicine treats the disease, additional support is essential to promote a woman’s overall wellness, both physically and mentally.

Stage was created to empower and inspire women to take initiative over the lifestyle factors they can control. It’s a singular destination to support their needs and help them feel less overwhelmed by endless information, internet black holes, and burning questions.

Founded by Virginia Carnesale, a senior marketing, merchandising and ecommerce executive, Stage was inspired by her own experience battling Stage II metastatic breast cancer. Following her diagnosis, she was grateful to receive helpful tips and advice from other survivors in her network and was equally awestruck by the information on prevention she learned about only after the fact. She knew she had to pay it forward by sharing knowledge and simplifying the shopping experience for other women. 

Besides curating a wide assortment of survivor-tested products, Stage amplifies the voices of survivors through its blog and social media content – bringing their stories to life, and fostering community through shared knowledge vetted by medical experts. Aptly named for the journey from diagnosis, to treatment, to a post-treatment lifestyle, Stage’s goal is to ensure the conversation around breast cancer does not just happen in October.

"I didn’t need a pink ribbon," says Carnesale. "I needed to know how to make a wig look natural enough to wear with confidence; how to adjust my diet for the best odds of beating cancer; which non-toxic household products would make my home safer; most importantly, I needed support, information and advice so that I could take on this journey with courage, grace and style."

To that end, Stage serves as a "one-stop shop" for patients and their supporters, offering everything from hair accessories, cozy loungewear, sleepwear, intimates, swimwear, non-toxic home cleaning supplies, clean beauty, luxe self-care products and more. Launch partners include established brands such as Alexa Leigh, Cosabella, Faherty, Solid & Striped, State Bags, Supergoop, and Terez. Stage proudly supports emerging survivor-led brands such as AnaOno, Everviolet, Mali + Lili, StyleEsteem Wardrobe and The Cleaner Soul. And soon after launch, patients will be able to create their own registry of products to send to family and friends.

Stage gives back a portion of proceeds on every sale to support nonprofits closely connected to the patient’s needs. Their three-pillar annual giving program supports organizations offering financial assistance, fertility preservation and integrative therapies and support to breast and ovarian cancer patients.

"The life-saving surgeries, treatments and side effects can be tough on a woman’s self esteem. I created Stage to be a source of inspiration, calm and confidence," adds Carnesale, "peppered with a little sass and levity to women walking this road — and for others to learn how to support her in the ways she needs it most." 

About Stage
Launched in February 2022, Stage is a mission-driven marketplace created to help women with breast cancer feel stylish, supported and confident at every stage of treatment. Stage is a one-stop shop for patients and supporters to find products, gifts, uplifting stories, tips and advice—all from a community of women who have been through the breast cancer journey.

Stage’s marketplace offers survivor-approved products such as lingerie, loungewear, active, swim, bags, headwraps, clean beauty, home goods and gifts.

Stage donates 5% of annual net proceeds to charitable organizations who offer grants and supportive services within three pillars: financial assistance, fertility preservation and integrated wellness-based therapies.

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