SoulScale Weight Loss Studio Opens Newest Location in Newport Beach CA

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The SoulScale revolution has finally landed in Newport Beach, opening its doors and services to thousands of Newport Beach and Corona Del Mar residents.

SoulScale Weight Loss the brainchild of Dr Nona Djavid, aims to address the scientific root cause of wight loss and weight loss maintenance, by providing low carb food options, coaching, and accountability.

“Unlike most weight loss systems, we don’t count calories” says Dr Nona. “Instead we address each individual’s needs, and give them the roadmap and accountability they need to be successful.”

SoulScale started in Newport Beach ten years ago, then moved its operations to South Orange County for the past six years. You could say their expansion back to Newport Beach has always been in the cards. “Newport Beach is where we started, and I am delighted to be back,” Dr Nona Djavid says.

Between their Newport Beach and Mission Viejo offices, they’ve helped over 5,000 people lose weight and live healthy. “We have clients throughout Southern and Northern California, New York, Florida, the Midwest – and even as far away as Canada and the Bahamas” says Dr Nona. “Results speak for themselves!”

SoulScale’s weight loss program aims to utilize the body’s own fat burning mechanism to get rid of excess fat (not muscle or water), while normalizing blood lipids. It’s scientific and proven track-record has helped thousands throughout the United States not only lose fat, but maintain their new found body.

“Losing fat and maintaining the new weight is what we’re known for” explains Dr. Nona. “For a lot of people, maintaining its the hard part… but we’ve got it covered!”

If you or a loved one lives in Orange County and would love to find out how SoulScale can help you lose weight, regain your confidence, and improve your health, please visit SoulScale’s weight loss studio in Newport Beach or Mission Viejo. You can also visit

Media Contact:
Dr Nona Djavid
220 Newport Center Drive
Suite 16
Newport Beach, CA 92660

(949) 354-4282

SOURCE SoulScale

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