Soul Wipe Helps You Center Your Soul …and Wipe Your Hands

The Innovative Cleansing Wipes Bring Ancient Modalities and Modern Necessities Together in a Single, Holistic, Inspiring Solution

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The world is searching for peace. From war to politics, economic turmoil to social unrest, there is no end to the number of stress-inducing factors discomforting individuals around the globe. The greatest disruptor to peace (on both an individual and collective level) in recent history has been the coronavirus pandemic. Along with presenting a serious threat to worldwide health, the pandemic continues to create untold levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.

This two-part threat to inner peace and joy is what inspired Monica Rodriguez Dean to found Soul Wipe. “My company has a dual mission: to lift your soul and wipe your hands. We are turning the essential task of cleaning your hands into an opportunity to frequently find clarity throughout your day through short bursts of meditation. Peace and inner calm may feel like an unattainable goal to many who continue to suffer in a post-pandemic world, but there is a solution. No matter what your surroundings may be, you can find peace by taking advantage of those small, serene moments throughout the day. And don’t tell me you can’t find those moments. If you have time to clean your hands, you have time to recenter yourself. That’s why we made Soul Wipe.”

Soul Wipe is inspired by the ancient modalities of pure essential oils and high-frequency crystals to unblock chakras. The company’s offerings consist of a range of seven different eco-friendly sanitation wipes that bring together unique combinations of chakra crystals, essential oils, aloe, and flowers to simultaneously clean the hands and guide individuals into a space of inner clarity where they can realize and live in the present moment. Soul Wipe is an innovative health and wellness tool that enables inner peace and outward cleanliness, all through one simple activity that has become a daily necessity in post-pandemic life.

About Soul Wipe
Soul Wipe is a female-owned business that was founded by Monica Rodriguez Dean in January 2021. It is also a minority-owned enterprise and a certified member of the Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council. Soul Wipe is focused on the mission of creating serene moments throughout the day — even while a person is sanitizing their hands. Inspired by the ancient modalities of pure essential oils and high-frequency crystals to unblock chakras, Soul Wipe guides others into a space of inner clarity and realization of the present moment. Center your soul, wipe your hands, and raise the collective vibration. Learn more at

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