Soul Strips Is Making It Easier to Give Kids Their Vitamins

The Health and Nutrition Brand’s Vitamin Strips Taste Delicious, Dissolve on the Tongue, and Are More Effective Than Traditional Vitamins

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Soul Strips is a revolutionary health brand that has created a unique line of natural and holistic supplements. Nutrients are stored on edible film, which can be orally absorbed by the mouth within a minute. This leads to faster, more efficient uptake.

Soul Strips’ patented nanotechnology and innovative manufacturing process have been in development for years, and the brand’s products are officially entering the international health and nutrition scene this year. “We’re excited to launch our oral strip products into the global market,” declares company co-founder Avinash Madhavan, “The health scene is buzzing, and we want to help people achieve their wellness goals with great results and maximum ease.”

One area that Madhavan and fellow co-founder Sharath Madhavan are excited about is providing parents with a new tool to bolster their children’s health. “Our vision is to make nutrition easier and more effective for all ages,” shares Sharath, “that’s why we’ve created an entire range of edible film vitamins for kids.”

Soul Strip’s Kids Range is for children ages six and up. It includes vitamins that target everything from immunity to dentistry, cognitive function, digestion, and overall health and wellness. Each oral strip is infused with delectable flavors, like raspberry, orange, and spearmint, making them as easy on the palate as they are good for a child’s health.

The real advantage to Soul Strip’s Kids Range, though, comes from convenience. “Each strip is tasty and dissolves right on the tongue,” explains Avinash, “All a child needs to do is pop it in their mouth and let it dissolve for a minute. No swallowing capsules or grinding up disgusting cherry-flavored chewables. From the child’s perspective, it’s just a yummy, non-intrusive treat. From the parent’s perspective, it’s a simple and effective way to get them to take their vitamins.”

The co-founder adds that along with convenience, the brand’s patented nano-technology ensures maximum absorption. This makes Soul Strips a more efficient form of daily nutrition than a traditional vitamin that needs to be swallowed and absorbed further in the digestive tract.

“With our Kids Range,” Avinash concludes, “our goal is to simplify and optimize children’s nutritional supplements. Health shouldn’t be complicated and tiresome. We are helping parents by turning vitamins into an easy, enjoyable, and effective part of their family’s daily routine.”

About Soul Strips
Soul Strips operates out of Mumbai, India and was launched in 2020 by serial entrepreneurs Sharath Madhavan and Avinash Madhavan. The co-partners created the brand out of a vision to use cutting-edge nanotechnology to create hyper-convenient, uniquely bioavailable supplements for men, women, and children. Soul Strips products are sugar-free, preservative-free, and plant-based. They are a holistic health solution designed around preserving health and enhancing quality of life. Learn more at

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