Soul Strips’ Convenient Defense Against the Common Cold

The Global Nutraceutical Brand’s Innovative Edible Vitamin Strips Allow Adults and Children to Boost Their Immune Systems During Cold And Flu Season

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The fall is here, and with the cold weather comes a slew of cold and flu concerns. From the health risks of children heading back to school to adults spending more time inside, either at the office or the homefront, it’s much easier to get sick during the colder months of the year. Those who are interested in boosting their immune systems can use Soul Strips’ innovative, hyperconvenient vitamin strips as a way to stay healthy and strong.

The American Lung Association explains that there are more than 200 different viruses that cause the minor throat and nose infections referred to as colds. The organization adds that adults get two to four colds per year on average, while children tend to suffer from as many as six to eight. Additionally, the time frame when most of the colds take place is between September and May.

“As we head into the colder months of the year, people are thinking of ways to stay healthy,” says Soul Strips co-founder Sharath Madhavan, “At Soul Strips, we believe health issues, even something as small as a cold, are a consequence of disharmony between your mind, body, and nature. Conventional alternatives only treat a specific symptom, but we look at the big picture.”

This big-picture approach led Madhavan and the Soul Strips team to create their signature edible strips. These use nanotechnology and cutting-edge formulations to infuse edible strips with key nutrients. This allows for maximum uptake through the lining of the mouth rather than further down the digestive tract.

Each Soul Strips product contains different vitamins and minerals, including a pair of immunity boosters for adults and children. These provide bioavailable doses of key ingredients, such as vitamin C and Zinc. The children’s formula also includes the immunomodulator yeast beta-glucan.

Each strip is individually packaged, too. This makes it easy to store in a purse, backpack, or wallet. A person can carry it with them and consume it when needed without swallowing a pill or hunting down a glass of water.

“Our holistic formulations are designed to purge disease-causing elements in the body,” explains Madhavan, “They normalize bodily functions and fortify its natural defenses. The fact that they come on a strip and all you need to do is pop it in your mouth makes it a hyperconvenient and effective way to support the immune system during the most sickness-prone period of the year.”

About Soul Strips

Soul Strips operates out of Dubai, UAE & Mumbai, India and was launched in 2020 by serial entrepreneurs Sharath Madhavan and Avinash Madhavan. The co-partners created the brand out of a vision to use cutting-edge nanotechnology to create hyper-convenient, uniquely bioavailable supplements for men, women, and children. Soul Strips products are sugar-free, preservative-free, and plant-based. They are a holistic health solution designed around preserving health and enhancing quality of life. Learn more at

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