Slumber Sleep Aid Releases Sleep Study Results With MoreBetter (Releaf App)

Findings show Slumber’s CBD & CBN gummies improved various aspects of participants’ lives, sleep quality and patterns.

DENVER, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Slumber Sleep Aid™, a boutique CBN retail company, is excited to release the results of their recent Sleep Pathfinder Mission™ in collaboration with MoreBetter Ltd. (dba Releaf App), the top rated app for individuals to track and improve their use of cannabis and CBD. Hundreds of participants volunteered to try Slumber’s full spectrum CBD Sleep Gummies with CBN, a high dose of CBN and CBD with 3mg THC, for 30 days and share their experiences via the Releaf App.

The raspberry-flavored dual action gummies are blended to naturally and safely maximize relaxation and drowsiness, as well as achieve the best results for mood elevation. Seventy-one percent of participants agreed the product improved various aspects of their lives, sleep quality and patterns. Additional results include:

  • 70% reported Slumber CBD and CBN gummies performed better than any other sleep aids they have ever tried
  • 82% agreed the product helped their ability to stay asleep
  • 71% felt more calm after taking the product
  • Over half of participants experienced less anxiety while taking the product, compared to when not taking it
  • 71% felt more refreshed in the morning
  • 82% achieved more nights of quality sleep while taking the product
  • 80% said it was easier to fall back asleep
  • 82% were able to better stay asleep
  • 83% would recommend this product to others

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"At Slumber, we have been focused entirely on natural sleep solutions, that work day in and day out," Slumber CEO and Co-Founder Rich Barns said. "My Co-Founder, David Adkins, and I started this company to integrate the best hemp ingredients into the "perfect" natural sleep aid.

"As a chemical engineer, I have relied on solid data, accurate reporting and consumer feedback to move our product offering forward. MoreBetter/Releaf has allowed a high-end boutique company such as ours to have access to statistically important and robust information on how our products work and maintain our position as subject matter experts in the industry. Releaf and their patented tech give our products a platform to be tested with the assurance of data purity."

During the Sleep Pathfinder Mission, MoreBetter/Releaf App collected four datasets over time. Participants were asked to answer the same questions when reflecting on the past six–12 months, for seven days without using Slumber gummies, for 14 days while using the product, and then one more time reflecting on the past month.

"The study provided more than a dozen data points that prove and quantify the effectiveness of CBN as a sleep aid, as well as the quality of Slumber’s full spectrum gummy with CBN," MoreBetter COO Tyler Dautrich said.

The study also revealed over 50 percent of the participants were first-time CBN users. "This is exciting, because it means that the majority of people are not yet taking advantage of the promise and potential of CBN as an effective sleep aid," Dautrich said.

While this Sleep Pathfinder Mission focused on the effects of Slumber’s CBD and CBN gummies, the company plans to conduct further studies of their other CBN-only products to validate their direction.

"We believe more information is required, and we plan to submit more of our products to Releaf and other platforms to further refine our and the sleep Industry’s technical capabilities and consumer offerings," Barns said.

For the past two years, Slumber has remained the industry leader in bringing CBN (cannabinol) to the mainstream as a natural sleep aid solution and powerful alternative to over-the-counter and prescription sleep aids. All of Slumber’s products are non-GMO, created from vegan ingredients and are made locally in Colorado.

For more information about Slumber, their full spectrum CBD/CBN gummies or their entire lineup of premium CBN products or partnership opportunities, contact Charlotte Mosher, Vice President, at

About Slumber Sleep Aid
At Slumber, we have spent years focused on a sole mission: improving everyday well-being, by providing a natural way to get a good night’s rest. We recognize the need for quality sleep, which is crucial to our physical and mental health, and overall well-being. Our hemp-derived CBN products for sleep are specifically formulated to help people maximize relaxation and tranquility at night, for a better day tomorrow.

About MoreBetter
MoreBetter Ltd. (Releaf App) is a software, data and contract research organization (CRO) with patented and patent pending technology collecting real world evidence data on the use, performance and safety of specific products. MoreBetter’s mission is to complete the product performance feedback loop and provide actionable data-backed insights to improve the consumer experience and inform industry best practices. MoreBetter helps individuals, businesses, medical professionals, researchers, government organizations, and affiliated stakeholders make better decisions with data, not reviews.

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Sales and Marketing

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