Sleep Dallas Clinic Welcomes Nurse Practitioner

Now Offering More Comprehensive Sleep Apnea Care

DALLAS, Aug. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — According to the American Psychological Association, nearly half of American adults (42 percent) gained an average of 29 pounds during the first year of the pandemic. Obesity rates have risen, even for children. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Care Network reported that childhood obesity increased by 1.7 percent from 2019 to 2020 alone. Many studies as well as the Sleep Foundation point to excess weight or obesity as a primary cause for sleep apnea, which means more people than ever are in need of treatment.

Dr. Kent Smith, Dr. Marie Nguyen Dibra, and the rest of the staff at Sleep Dallas saw an opportunity to expand their services. They are excited to welcome Katie Collier to the team. As a certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Collier brings a unique skillset to Sleep Dallas that completes the services and aid offered to sleep apnea patients in Irving, Frisco, and neighboring communities.

Before joining the Sleep Dallas team, Collier earned her master’s degree from the University of Texas at Arlington and has since specialized in cardiology, obesity, and sleep medicine. This background qualifies her to provide nutritional, exercise, and lifestyle support for those who struggle with sleep apnea as a result of obesity. In fact, in her past experience, Collier said that around 75 percent of her patients who struggled with their weight also dealt with sleep apnea.

At this practice, no two patients are treated exactly the same. Dr. Smith, a dentist who specializes in oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea at Sleep Dallas, said, "[Katie] has had seven years of weight counseling training, and many patients want to lose weight to get rid of their sleep apnea. We’ve got Katie here now who can counsel patients and help us accomplish our mission." As a result, every patient receives customized care just for their individual sleep apnea needs.

With her experience and training in weight management, Collier enables Sleep Dallas to provide more comprehensive care for and actually address a cause, not just the symptoms. As a medical doctor focused on sleep, Dr. Dibra is licensed to read the sleep study data at Sleep Dallas, diagnose sleep apnea, and prescribe CPAP therapy or other necessary medication. She said, "[Katie] is a wonderful provider. . .. Having her here has been a benefit to the practice and will ultimately benefit our patients."

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