Sinoveda is Leading the Way Toward a Healthier Future

The Health-Science Company’s Proprietary Technology and Research Methods Are Creating Cutting-Edge Results in the Health and Wellness Industry

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Science is an integral part of medicine. Health and wellness have always revolved around natural solutions with well-established reputations. Rarely do these two fields intersect, which is part of what makes Sinoveda so unique.

Sinoveda proudly calls itself a "health-science" company. It was founded by a pair of married doctors, Dr. Yun K. Tam and Dr. Nuzhat Tam-Zaman, who hail from Asia, where herbal medicine has long been revered. The power couple together has a combined five decades of experience in the field of drug discovery and development. They finally created Sinoveda with the goal of uniting vigorous medical research with established natural health solutions.

The driving engine of Sinoveda’s research comes from its Pharmaceutical Platform Technology, or PPT®. This innovative approach to herbal medicine seeks to discover the bioactives that make traditional herbal solutions work. The focus isn’t on isolating a single compound, though, as is typically the case with synthetic comparables.

"When things work in nature, they work in unison. They work as a group," explains Nuzhat. The doctor goes on to describe the PPT® process. "It’s like a funnel that takes all of the elements of a plant and reduces it to the three or four ingredients (never just one) that really give the effect that we’re looking for."

Nuzhat adds that her team uses both in vitro and in silico testing to whittle down the data until a specific combination of critical bioactive elements remains. Sinoveda then turns these precious formulations into potent, harmonious herbal-based medicinal health solutions, such as the brand’s Proflexa®, a pain-relief cream derived from ancient Chinese medicine, or the multi-element calcium formula EffectiCal®.

Sinoveda is a company that is blazing the way for the future. Its ability to combine powerful scientific processes with traditional health and wellness solutions has enabled the brand to create potent and consistent herbal-based remedies that don’t just stand on their own. They even outperform isolated chemical substances created to address similar concerns.

About Sinoveda: The name "Sinoveda" is derived from Chinese and Bangladeshi, the two cultures of the company’s founders, renowned pharmaceutical scientists, doctors, and spouses Dr. Yun K. Tam and Dr. Nuzhat Tam-Zaman. Sinoveda was founded in 2006 and is based in Edmonton, Alberta. The health-science company utilizes its founder’s 50-plus years of combined experience in drug discovery and development to focus on R&D and further pharmaceutical progress, primarily through its proprietary vanguard PPT® (Pharmaceutical Platform Technology). Learn more at

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