Sinoveda Brings “The Science of Healing” to Life

The Canadian Health Brand’s Innovative Products Isolate, Quantify, and Standardize Natural Health Solutions, Leading to Consistent, Superior Results

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — There are many products on the market that contain precise synthetic ingredients. Countless others are filled with approximate doses of natural components. Sinoveda is a health brand that has spent years figuring out how to bring synthetic precision to natural ingredients.

“If you are looking to heal your suffering naturally using a scientific approach, Sinoveda products are the answer!” declares company co-founder Dr. Nuzhat Tam-Zaman. Tam-Zaman created Sinoveda with her husband, Dr. Yun K. Tam, nearly two decades ago with the goal of bringing a new level of science-backed specificity to natural medicine. Together, they brought over 50 years of experience to the table as pharmaceutical professionals with a deep respect for natural medicine.

“Nature has so many solutions for our health,” Dr. Nuzhat continues, “but it’s hard to know how much of a certain botanical or other natural substance to take. That’s where our PPT technology makes a difference. We use our innovative tech to isolate, quantify, and standardize botanical supplements and other natural health solutions. We’re using drug discovery to decode nature.”

PPT® is Sinoveda’s Pharmaceutical Platform Technology. It was invented by Dr. Yun K. Tam as a way to use in-vitro and in-silico testing to look at a natural compound’s basic makeup and find the bioactive elements. These are collectively considered so as to recreate the synergistic impact of each plant or substance’s collective compounds.

 “It’s like a funnel,” Dr. Nuzhat explains. “It takes all of the elements of, say, a certain plant that is good for lowering cholesterol, and then it reduces it to the three or four ingredients — it’s never just one — that work together to provide that effect.”

The result is a range of products that use precise natural ingredients for specific, consistent effects. For example, the brand’s Effecti-Cal uses the PPT platform to bring together a complex mixture of bioactives, including calcium, vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium. Together, these gently boost calcium intake and uptake in the body without unpleasant side effects like bloating or constipation that are common with competing products in the market.

The potential for Sinoveda’s approach is unlimited — and both founders and their team continue to work on a growing number of products. The brand’s topical pain relief cream Proflexa was a big hit at the Oscars. Its long-COVID product, Antico, was snapped up en-masse in Hong Kong earlier this year. With more products coming down the pipeline, Sinoveda is just getting started and is certainly a brand worth watching as it continues to make inroads into the U.S. health and wellness marketplace in 2023 and beyond.

About Sinoveda
The name “Sinoveda” is derived from Chinese and Bangladeshi, the two cultures of the company’s founders, renowned pharmaceutical scientists and spouses Dr. Yun K. Tam and Dr. Nuzhat Tam-Zaman. Sinoveda was founded in 2006 and is based in Edmonton, Alberta. The health-science company utilizes its founders’ 50-plus years of combined experience in drug development to focus on R&D and further pharmaceutical progress, primarily through its proprietary vanguard PPT® (Pharmaceutical Platform Technology). Learn more at

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