Siliski Soaps Is a Game Changer for Those with Sensitive Skin

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Artisanal soaps are popular. However, few of the brands available on the market go about their business as thoroughly as Siliski Soaps. The growing company is a rising star in the soap industry. Its hand-made soap bars utilize key ingredients like olive oil while avoiding things like SLS and artificial fragrances. Though Siliski offers an amazing soap for all, its products are life-savers for anyone with dry or sensitive skin.

Siliski Soaps is a brand that began with a purpose. In the words of company founder Andrew Siliski, the company "started out as a search for high-quality soap to help with our longtime battle with eczema."

Even when Siliski tried Castile soaps, which are traditionally made with olive oil, he found that most versions on the market had replaced that critical ingredient with palm- or coconut-based oils. While better than mass-market soaps, the lack of gentler olive oil meant even Castile soap was harsh and left the skin dry and irritated.

Siliski sums up the experience by stating that, "We searched and looked and tried at least a hundred different products, but could not find anything that fit our needs."

With no real solution in sight, the entrepreneur took matters into his own hands. "We finally decided that we would have to build the better soaps we needed," the owner explains, "This kicked off years of research and formulation and Siliski Soaps was born."

Siliski’s eponymous brand strictly adheres to several important standards. For instance, the brand’s soaps are:

  • Free of the harmful surfactant SLS;
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients;
  • Entirely manufactured by hand;
  • Non-toxic, palm-oil-free, and GMO-free;
  • Cruelty-free and responsibly made with 100% recyclable packaging and a low carbon footprint.

All of these factors come together to create a fantastic soap that is as pleasant to use as it is easy on the skin. Siliski describes the culmination of his years of development by stating that, "all of my products are made by people who have eczema and multiple chemical sensitivities," the owner drives the point home by describing that his products "are great for people who have normal to dry skin, but game changers for people who have lots of skin irritation."

And it’s that concept of a "game changer" that really sets Siliski Soaps apart. From a gentle approach to skincare to high standards and a low price point, Siliski Soaps is making its case as the best sudsy solution out there, particularly when it comes to addressing dry skin issues.

About Siliski: Siliski Soaps is owned and operated by Andrew Siliski. The company operates outside of Pittsburg, PA, where Andrew and his staff create their soaps by hand. The brand adheres to the strictest transparency and quality standards and is Pennsylvania Department of Health compliant. Learn more about Siliski Soaps at

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