Scentonomy Digital Aromatherapy Wellness Has Soft Release at Allure Store NYC

NEW YORK, Oct. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Scentonomy Digital Aromatherapy Wellness–an online tool ( that curates custom aromatherapy blends–is set to launch late fall. In addition to shipping its organic aromatics to your door, it will also connect all users with other holistic and complementary wellness modalities. Last week, in community with 8 other BIPOC brands, Scentonomy launched a sample collection from its digital aromatherapy algorithm at the popular Allure Store in Soho New York.

The platform was created by former real estate broker turned beauty and wellness entrepreneur, Makeba Lloyd. She came up with the concept after conducting research on the accessibility of holistic and complementary wellness providers. While caring for her mom, she noted a gap in the availability of centralized and vetted resources for easily accessible, complementary online care. Two years later Scentonomy was born.

Makeba, a certified aromatherapist and artisanal perfumer, innovated a tool that integrates a simplified process for collecting data that can be used to curate essential oil blends based on the user’s wellness concern and scent preference. The Scentonomy Digital Aromatherapy tool uses an algorithm of essential oil blends that have statistically shown to address a myriad of concerns, are formulated with organic ingredients, and are reviewed by a team of certified aromatherapists. One may find various blends to address restlessness, fatigue, scalp and skin irritations and have the additional option to select these in preferred scent; such as floral, citrus or wood.

Scentonomy also serves as an aggregate to a community of holistic and complementary wellness providers who offer services in licensed massage therapy, acupuncture, moxibustion, meditation and breathwork. In keeping with traditional holistic wellness practice, it made sense to Ms. Lloyd to create a digital aromatherapy tool as a simplified method of gathering data from the user to assist the platform with knowing how to personalize service. “Aromatherapy is traditionally seen as the introduction to understanding a person’s wellness needs from the start of their healing journey”, says Ms. Lloyd. The Scentonomy team continues to grow its community of wellness providers while perfecting and elevating the technology that powers its platform.

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