RxSugar® and SiPhox Health Partner to Combat the Epidemic of Diet-related Disease

BURLINGTON, Mass., May 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — RxSugar® and SiPhox Health are partnering to deliver solutions to combat the epidemic of diet-related disease. These chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability in the United States, with 90% of the nation’s $3.8 trillion in annual health care expenditures attributed to people with chronic illness and mental health conditions (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)).

SiPhox Health is a well-recognized industry leader in the development of home biomarker testing solutions. The SiPhox vision is to enable affordable, convenient, and comprehensive testing of biomarkers that will support the transformation of healthcare from a reactive to a proactive mode.

RxSugar® stands at the forefront of scientific innovation related to products derived from Allulose—a natural rare sugar. Extensive research, including non-clinical and human studies, substantiates Allulose’s significant role in vital physiological functions pertinent to cardiometabolic health [references].

March 2024 saw the debut of the SiPhox Heart Health Blueprint. Using the novel SiPhox mail-in home blood testing kit, members can: 1) evaluate their cardiometabolic disease risk; 2) receive a tailored plan that may include medications or scientifically validated solutions; 3) fine-tune outcomes. Members can access a protocol developed by the RxSugar® and SiPhox Science Advisory teams to improve abnormal biomarkers indicative of metabolic disease, leveraging RxSugar® products to help individuals improve blood glucose control, insulin response and satiety through naturally elevated GLP-1 levels.

Michael Dubrovsky, SiPhox Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer: “Our goal is to not only help Heart Health Blueprint members understand their health status holistically but also to guide them in the direction of evidence-based, scientifically proven, affordable tools to improve their health. The compelling data that Allulose and RxSugar® products can favorably elevate natural GLP-1 levels and modulate insulin response made it clear to us that this was the type of product that would be valuable to our users concerned about cardiometabolic disease.”

Neil Gyte, RxSugar® Chief Business Officer: “The synergy between our two companies is clear.  We both believe that to truly help people live longer healthier lives, we need to develop innovative and accessible natural solutions that can be used safely, regardless of where an individual is in their health journey. RxSugar® products are formulated to help individuals in their quest to improve metabolic health and we are excited about our strategic partnership with SiPhox to support this wellness journey.”

Dr. Ben Bikman, RxSugar® Scientific Advisor: “Metabolic dysfunction and chronic inflammation are pivotal drivers of chronic disease conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and neurodegenerative disorders. The SiPhox platform allows members to routinely test a wide array of traditional biomarkers providing a holistic snapshot of their comprehensive health and risk of disease. Individuals interested in using RxSugar® products to improve metabolic health can now monitor the impact on key biomarkers and adjust accordingly in order to optimize outcomes.”

SiPhox Health is a Series A company in Boston backed by Khosla-ventures, Y-Combinator, and Intel Capital with extensive leadership in silicon photonics, optical chip technology, microfluidics, and biochemistry.  The SiPhox mission is to develop novel home lab testing solutions that are comprehensive, convenient, and affordable to enable proactive and  personalized healthcare. Currently, SiPhox has a marketed mail-in home blood test kit that measures 17 biomarkers for inflammation, cardiovascular risk, metabolic health, and hormonal balance. To learn more about the Heart Health Blueprint, visit: https://home.siphoxhealth.com/blueprints/heart-health.

Founded in 2019, RxSugar® is a health and wellness company disguised as a food company. RxSugar® takes a science driven approach to create innovative natural products that support metabolic health – the primary root cause of all chronic diseases. RxSugar’s prime directive is to Solve For Sugar, the leading driver of chronic illness. RxSugar® is Sugar Reimagined®, the natural Allulose sugar that is delicious, certified and fully functional. To learn more, visit https://rxsugar.com/


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