Roses Natural’s Dish Soap Is to Die For

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Roses Natural is a health and wellness brand on the rise. Owned and operated by Roseline Okoro and her partner, Kola Akinmuyima, Roses Natural has recently attracted attention due to its growing line of sustainable, kid-friendly, hypoallergenic household products.

From skincare to hygiene to household cleaners, Roses Natural is the definition of having options. Each of these options is handmade by Roseline herself, who creates her masterful recipes in a warehouse based out of Katy, Texas.

"Nothing feels better than nature!" the owner exclaims, adding that one of her greatest desires is to let her customers know that "we care about what goes into their bodies and the environment. That’s why our products are handmade with plant-based ingredients."

While all of Roseline’s homemade recipes have been a hit with consumers, her dish soap is an item that is particularly prone to fly off the shelf. The popular dish cleaner comes in three scents, lemon, lavender, and rose, along with a fragrance-free option. All of these are effective at cutting through true grease in spite of their non-toxic, skin-friendly nature.

Roses Natural dish soap also has another honorary place in the company’s annals: it was the first item ever created by Roseline. When the owner launched her company in 2018, she started with small batches of her dish soap formula. She sold them to friends and family until word-of-mouth marketing created a rapidly growing audience.

Larger batches were made — and more often. Soon a liquid hand soap was requested. A foaming version followed. As orders and product ideas flooded in, Roseline was forced out of her kitchen and into a warehouse where she could work on a scale that could accommodate the rising demand.

Roseline’s dish soap has a venerable place at the heart of her burgeoning brand. But the product isn’t just important because of its role in starting the company. It can genuinely stand on its own feet.

According to Roseline, people keep coming back for her dish soap — and not just a few individuals, either. 95% of her customers return for a refill. This incredibly high retention rate is impressive in an industry like plant-based skincare or household cleaners. Striking a balance with safety, sustainability, and efficacy is difficult and often leads to a revolving door of customers.

Not for Roseline. Her dish soaps draw new customers in and then captivate them with their cleansing power. In fact, it’s a phenomenon that happens with all of her brand’s products. This has led to ongoing, explosive growth that has left Roseline busy in her shop as she handles an increasing number of orders for her in-demand products from an audience that currently spans the nation.

About Roses Natural: Roses Natural was created by Roseline Okoro and launched in 2018. The company operates out of Katy, Texas. The brand combines Roseline’s passion for natural ingredients, developed during her childhood in Nigeria, and her scientific knowledge and training. Learn more about Roses Natural at

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