Roses Natural Creates Honest Products Using Pure Ingredients

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The misuse of corporate social responsibility initiatives is a serious concern these days. Companies slap eco-friendly benefits, community-oriented messages, and user-friendly labels on products at every opportunity — regardless of if the claim is genuine or not. This makes it refreshing when a company emerges from the crowded health and wellness space with a genuine commitment to care for both its customers and the environment.

Such is the case with Roses Natural. The growing business is based out of Katy, Texas, where owner Roseline Okoro works tirelessly to provide a plethora of skincare and cleaning products for her customers.

Roseline was born in Nigeria and moved to the States to join her husband Michael as a young adult. Once here, she attended Ohio State University, where she got a BSc in Pharmaceutical Science. As Roseline and her husband Michael built a new life in America with their three kids, she always remembered her home fondly. She particularly cherished memories of her father making natural soaps out of what she describes as "simple yet effective ingredients that were safe for the whole family to use." 

Part of the reason that these memories stood out was due to Roseline’s ongoing struggle with eczema and dry skin. The businesswoman explains that in the states she was "out of luck when it came to the natural, homemade products she was used to." Common household cleaners and hygiene items were too harsh. In comparison, Roseline’s parents had made, in her own words, "soothing products with natural ingredients that helped to keep her skin protected for the long term."

Finally, the combination of her past family experiences and her education coalesced into Roses Natural. The brand launched in 2018 when Roseline officially made her own plant-based dish soap available to friends, family, and any other interested consumers. 

Her first product was a smashing success, and soon Roseline was getting requests. These led to a catalog of other products that spanned the gamut from detergents and multi-surface cleaners to hand soaps, shower gels, body scrubs, bubble baths, and more. 

No matter what kind of item was asked for, Roseline would set to work accommodating the request by creating her own formula for each product. Throughout this process she would adhere to a strict set of factors that ensured each creation was:

  • Hypoallergenic with only essential oils;
  • Plant-based and all-natural;
  • Vegan and cruelty-free;
  • Sulfate & Paraben-free
  • Truly kid-safe.

Throughout the history of her company, Roseline has worked tirelessly. This isn’t an understatement by any means, either. The entrepreneur continues to make all of her products by hand in her Katy-based company warehouse. 

There are many businesses on the market offering quality, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic products. However, none of them bring the same level of sincerity and the determination as Roseline.

The hard-working owner has been rewarded for her labors, too, as she has been able to watch her business grow from a startup to a regional seller and, more recently, on to enter the national spotlight. If the past is any indication, there’s more in store from this refreshingly honest, caring, and invested brand in the years to come.

About Roses Natural: Roses Natural was founded by Roseline Okoro and was officially launched in 2018.  The health and wellness company operates out of Katy, Texas where it specializes in creating plant-based household cleaners and skincare products. Learn more about Roses Natural at

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Roseline Okoro 
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