RecoveryOne’s Virtual Physical Therapy and Musculoskeletal Solution Now Available to Select Cigna Medicare Advantage Customers as In-Network Benefit

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., Jan. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — RecoveryOne, a leading digital health innovator dedicated to improving health outcomes for recovery from musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries of all types and reducing costs, today announced it has expanded its collaboration with Cigna to offer virtual physical therapy and a broad MSK solution for Medicare Advantage (MA) customers.

Cigna MA customers within the Tennessee market, which includes plans in North Mississippi, Virginia and North Georgia, can now access RecoveryOne’s virtual solution to help treat MSK conditions and injuries as an in-network benefit.

"Our solution covers the majority of MSK conditions from head to toe, and with experience that spans more than eight years of working with older populations," said Mark Luck Olson, CEO of RecoveryOne. "As such, the solution is uniquely qualified to address some of the most common and complex conditions including total joint procedures, fractures from falls and low back pain which is the most burdensome of all MSK conditions."

Musculoskeletal diseases affect nearly three out of four people age 65 and over in the United States, with the most common MSK ailments being degenerative joint changes, such as osteoarthritis within the spine, hip and knee, and fall-related injuries. In fact, a recent study revealed that $45 billion was spent by public insurance, such as Medicare, from 1996-2016 on MSK disorders with low back and neck pain. As the U.S. population continues to expand and as MSK costs escalate each year, it is critical to detect and treat MSK conditions to help older adults stay healthy.

"We are proud to expand our partnership with Cigna to improve the overall quality of life, including pain reduction and a return to previous functionality for the Medicare Advantage population," said Dustin Eggers, EVP and chief commercial officer of RecoveryOne. "We look forward to offering the RecoveryOne platform to additional markets in the New Year."

With a national shortage of physical therapists and growing demand, as well as seniors being isolated at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual MSK solutions are more important than ever. RecoveryOne’s platform and clinical programs are specifically designed to offer on-demand evaluations and physical therapy, personalized recovery plans and behavioral support to help drive clinical success.

"Our Medicare Advantage customers are seeking accessible, easy-to-use and proven virtual care solutions," said Dr. Michael Reardon, whose duties currently include leading clinical operations for Cigna’s Medicare business. "By working with RecoveryOne, we are able to offer much needed, cost-effective care that addresses some of the most troublesome musculoskeletal conditions, such as low back pain and osteoarthritis that customers can access from the privacy and comfort of their own home."

RecoveryOne’s offering is:

  • Accessible and scalable: Empowering Medicare Advantage customers to receive personalized treatment from the comfort of their homes on their terms. The program is designed to minimize equipment and utilize one’s own body weight or everyday household items, saving travel to gyms and the costs of expensive gym equipment.
  • Cost-effective: RecoveryOne’s focus is to increase utilization and lower costs while maintaining a high-quality customer experience and helping improve health outcomes. Based on national claims data from more than 350,000 members, RecoveryOne reduced the total medical cost by $751 per member per month for MSK-related diagnoses. Additionally, the analysis found RecoveryOne reduced costs by nearly 77% for low back pain and 84% for rotator cuff tears.
  • Evidence-based: RecoveryOne was founded by a preeminent orthopedic surgeon, and clinical rigor remains key to the only full-body, virtual solution supported by 200+ proprietary clinical pathways and 2,000+ therapeutic exercises.

RecoveryOne and Cigna have had a longstanding relationship, including an investment by Cigna Ventures in January 2020. In addition, RecoveryOne’s MSK solution is currently available to Cigna’s employer clients with under 500 employees, making Cigna the first health plan to pilot and rollout the use of RecoveryOne as a consumer tool. This solution is included on Express Scripts’ Digital Health Formulary.

About RecoveryOne
RecoveryOne is a recovery-focused virtual physical therapy solution for employers, partners, and health plans. In reinventing MSK care delivery, we have created evidence-based programs rich in human-connected care and amplified through technology that help members from head to toe and everything in between. RecoveryOne is reimagining conventional MSK recovery by giving users a highly engaging and tailored experience that reduces costs and speeds recovery. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

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