Real House Canada Is a Health Brand That Was a Decade in the Making

The Health Company’s Supplements Came from Years of Scrupulous Research

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Unique Formula® is a supplement label created by Real House Canada (RHC). The parent company was founded in 2016 and has become popular in Canada and China in the intervening years. RHC is also in the process of entering the U.S. market, which will soon make its unique line of natural, synergistic dietary supplements available to the American public.

While RHC has had a meteoric rise in the last few years, the company hasn’t always been at the center of the action. Company founder Ivy Liou spent the better part of a decade preparing her successful brand’s products and formulations before a single Unique Formula® product was ever stocked on a shelf or listed in an online store.

Liou, who is a registered nurse with a pharmacology background, gathered a team of pharmaceutical R&D specialists and spent several years studying the health benefits of different supplement ingredients.

Throughout this process, Liou’s team identified several valuable medicinal ingredients that made their way into many future formulas. The most important of these is Wild Chaga, a potent mushroom with an ancient medicinal past. Chaga plays a key role in many of RHC’s products.

For example, its Beauty Secret line taps into the power of the natural substance, along with the synergized potency of specific additional ingredient combinations. The resulting formulas allow Real House Canada customers — especially women, in this case — to enhance their beauty, regulate their hormone system, and cultivate an enduring sense of natural charm.

As it develops each of its formulas, Liou’s team of experts works with its associated GMP pharmaceutical manufacturer in British Columbia. Real House Canada’s Unique Formula® label currently includes a wide range of diverse and effective health supplements. Like Beauty Secret, each of these product lines is specifically targeted to deliver natural, synergistic results for specific consumer needs. Its Maternity & Child line is for young families and its Daily Defense is for strengthening the immune system — a critical need in a world still struggling with an ongoing pandemic. Together, Real House Canada’s catalog offers a refreshing upgrade to consumers’ choices for health and wellness.

"Our team has dedicated years of research to create natural health products that are simple, effective, and highly beneficial," explained Liou, "Our Unique Formula® line offers a holistic selection of dietary supplements that were nearly ten years in the making. We’ve put in the time, used the science, sourced natural ingredients, ensured the quality, and now our customers are reaping the benefits of our work. We’re proud to be helping the people of Canada, China, and soon the United States support their health and wellness through our products."

The impending arrival of Real House Canada’s popular Unique Formula® supplements stateside is a game-changer for Americans looking for a way to refresh their supplement routine. The brand offers a one-stop-shop that can meet the particular needs of each individual and keep them well-stocked with potent, effective supplements for years to come.

About Real House Canada: Unique Formula® is a product line of Real House Canada, which was launched in 2016 after CEO Ivy Liou and her pharmaceutical professional R&D team had spent nearly a decade developing the company’s initial formulations, including its flagship product, Canada Gem – Dual Extracted Canadian Wild Chaga. Since then, the brand has continued to grow its product line with a variety of health and wellness items, from health supplements targeting specific health concerns to the Beauty Secret® series designed for women and Daily Defense series developed in response to the pandemic. After rapid growth in Asia and Canada, the company is entering the U.S. market. Learn more about RHC at

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