ReAbility, LLC Announcing 2023 Availability of the ReAbility Work Station

SHELTON, Conn., Oct. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — It’s time for The ReAbility WorkStation!

From CEO Tad Duni: “In North America year-round access to routine physical exercise for people with moderate to severe physical disabilities is either non-existent or sorely lacking. As of 2022, this population represents over 55 million people. The ReAbility WorkStation (RWS) can significantly help any physical therapy clinic or health club add an entirely new revenue source while improving the health and fitness outcomes of this underserved population. Being awarded our first patent is indeed a significant milestone.”

ReAbility plans to begin November 1, 2022 to market the RWS to both licensed physical therapists and Health Club owners in North America.  ReAbility promises to deliver on its vision of turning the 55 million people living in America with moderate to severe physical disabilities into the next “fitness junkies”! The RWS is a multigym with over 15 well known fitness devices to deliver a high-volume, task specific exercise experience.

Chief Technology Officer Craig Duni had this to say about the milestone: “We’re very excited about being awarded our first patent. Innovation is in our corporate DNA. We are creating a high barrier to entry for potential competitors.”

The RWS functional design requires only 370 square feet of floor space accommodating up to 7 people with moderate to severe physical disabilities per session.  The RWS owner has the option of easily rolling the unit into a room or corner for daily storage using less than 35 square feet. Annual income per square foot has a potential of over $1,200.

CEO Tad Duni added: “We made the RWS with the deliberate decision not to get caught up in any of the traditional Health Club member time slots so that we could focus on our core mission of having a contracted licensed physical therapist provide professional oversight of clients using the RWS; improving their health and independent living skills.  The RWS can be used during any time of the week but the Health Club’s historically slower times of Monday thru Friday from 9:30am to 4:00pm is ideal.

The RWS features include:
  • Hi/Low mat/massage table
  • Hi/Low Pilates reformer and Pilates Cadillac
  • Hi/Low sliding exercise table
  • Hi/Low static standing frame
  • Hi/Low parallel bars
  • Hi/Low chin/Dip machine
  • Overhead Bungee core training suspension system
  • Overhead XY traverse for gait and fall prevention training
  • Body Weight Supported Treadmill Training
  • Dozens of eye hooks to attach Thera-tubes, ropes and springs for additional client stations

To learn more about RWS, please go to

For more information contact:
Tad Duni
30 Controls Drive, Suite 102
Shelton CT  06484

About ReAbility, LLC

ReAbility, LLC is a family-owned business in Shelton CT. ReAbility, LLC manufacturers the ReAbility WorkStation. ReAbility, LLC owns the patent to the world’s first comprehensive fitness device fully accessible to all people with moderate to severe physical disability. Incorporated in 2020, ReAbility will soon be an emerging player in the global fitness equipment markets.